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Wordle 496 Answer of 28 October 2022: Know today’s word and its Hindi meaning

New Delhi. Wordle 496 Word of the Day (28 October 2022): If you know about Wordal, then you must have understood how important this article is for you today. If you do not know about this game, then let us tell you. Wordle is a puzzle game. This is an online guessing game that challenges you to solve a new puzzle every day. In this, a word of 5 letters has to be guessed.

Gamers get 6 chances to solve this puzzle. If you want to win by playing this game, then let us tell you the hint and correct answer of today’s puzzle. A new puzzle has been updated at midnight on the official website of the New York Times.

Due to playing this game, the word stock of gamers is quite strong, which increases their knowledge. The more correct answers the users give, the better their rank gets. Wordle 496 has been released today, October 27, 2022, Thursday. Today’s word is also very funny. There is no letter repeat in today’s word. Let us help you solve this puzzle.

Wordle 496 Hints

  • Today’s word starts with S.
  • There are 2 vowels in today’s word.
  • One of these is the vowel A.
  • And the second wave is E.
  • The last letter of today’s word is K.

How to play Wordle: How to play this puzzle game?

step 1: To play Wordle, you need to go to this link nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html, which is a link to the New York Times.

Step 2: After visiting this link, you will have to guess a word of 5 letters and then click on the enter button.

Step 3: After that the letters added to the word will change to yellow, green and black. In this black color means that that letter is not present in today’s word.

Step 4: Yellow color means that the letter is present in today’s word, but its place is wrong.

Step 5: Green color means that the letter is correct and in the correct place.

Wordle 496 Answer & Meaning: Answer & Meaning

Answer of today’s puzzle SNEAK Is.

The Hindi meaning of SNEAK is ‘Sneaky’, which in other words is also called coward or coward. At the same time, it is also called Coward, Shoplifter in English.



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