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Workers protest violently at China’s iPhone factory, Foxconn apologizes

iPhone Factory Worker Protest in China: To control Corona in China, lockdown is being imposed repeatedly in different parts of the country. In such a situation, the employees of Foxconn, the largest factory of Apple iPhone in the world, which is located in Zhengzhou city, have demonstrated violently. The workers working in the factory were so angry that they also broke the camera installed in the factory. Apple’s major supplier Foxconn apologized on Thursday after violent demonstrations and sabotage at the iPhone factory. The company said that the recruitment of new workers in Corona-affected China was a technical mistake. Along with this, the company has said that it will listen to the full demands of the workers and will try its best to fulfill them.

What were the reasons for the iPhone factory demonstration?
Let us tell you that on Wednesday i.e. 23 November 2022, hundreds of workers started demonstrating simultaneously at the iPhone factory in Zhengzhou city of China. The employees were so angry that they even broke the surveillance cameras. This demonstration is special in itself because such protests are rarely seen in this China. The employees were angry due to non-payment of salary and strict lockdown due to Corona. Along with this, he has also accused Apple’s major supplier company Foxconn of adopting double standards regarding Corona.

Many videos going viral on social media
The video of laborers working in this iPhone factory is becoming increasingly viral on social media. In these videos, the workers have alleged that Foxconn is not giving the workers their bonus on time. Along with this, making serious allegations about Corona, he told that in the last few days many new laborers have been brought to the factory and many of them are Corona positive. In such a situation, many healthy laborers are being forced to live with Covid positive patients. In such a situation, if all these claims are true, then the double face of China’s Covid policy is being exposed.

20,000 personnel are not working
According to Reuters news, Foxconn, which works as a supplier in the Zhengzhou factory, recently employed about 20,000 workers in the factory. Most of these laborers are not working at present. Foxconn apologized on this whole matter and said that it is listening to all the demands of the workers and is trying to fulfill them as soon as possible.

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