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You should not buy iPhone 14 for these 3 reasons, there will be a direct benefit of 15 thousand

New Delhi. Apple has recently launched the iPhone 14 series. With the launch, this series has come into the limelight due to its features. In Pro Series you get a completely different Notch Display which gives you a completely different feel. While the iPhone 14 is in the news a lot. Today we will tell you 3 big reasons why you should not buy iPhone 14?


You get dual rear camera in both iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. 12MP Main Camera is available in iPhone 13 while 12MP Main Camera is also given in iPhone 14. Although the option of Auto Focus is given in iPhone 14. If you don’t want any better camera then you can include this phone in your list. The front camera has also been given 12MP in both the phones.


The iPhone 13 has a 6.1 Inch Super Retina XDR Display. While the iPhone 14 also has a 6.1 Inch Super Retina XDR Display. That is, overall you are not going to get much change in the display. If you are buying iPhone 14 instead of iPhone 13 regarding the display, then you should probably change your decision. The display of this phone is also going to get much better.

Processor and Design-

You will not see any difference in the design of iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. In such a situation, if you compare both the phones in terms of design, then you will not see any difference in it. A15 Bionic Chip is available in both the phones. While 4-Core GPU is given in iPhone 13 and 5-Core GPU is given in iPhone 14. But you will not see much difference in the speed of the phone. That is, overall buying iPhone 13 can prove to be a better option. If you buy iPhoe 13, then you can get the benefit of about 15 thousand rupees.

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