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Young man’s stunt on the streets of Noida, police fined him heavily, will be remembered for life

New Delhi. In yet another example of dangerous stunts being performed on public roads, a video of a youth climbing out of the window while sitting on the door of his car has gone viral on the internet. This particular incident took place in Noida, Uttar Pradesh and the police officers of the city were also tagged in the viral tweet. To attract the attention of the authorities, many users of the platform also shared the post.

The initial tweet of the young man seen performing this stunt on a busy road was shared by a journalist on his Twitter handle. The journalist tagged the official Twitter accounts of Police Commissionerate of Noida, Noida Traffic Police officials and UP Police officials. In his tweet, he mentioned that rich people in Noida were seen doing stunts on public roads.

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In the shared video, we can see that a young man in a red colored Hyundai Elite i20 is sitting on the door of the car with its windows rolled down. The number plate of the car is barely visible. The video is a very short clip of the man performing the stunt, and it is not clear if anyone else was involved in the act.

After the tweet went viral, police officials replied to the tweet saying that the matter has been referred to the city’s traffic department, and an investigation is underway. So far there is no information whether the person seen in the video has been arrested or not. However, we can expect that action will be taken against the accused soon.

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One of the most common reasons for youths to perform such stunts on public roads is to gain recognition from their online followers and customers. Individuals who commit these dangerous acts are motivated by likes, shares and comments on their posts, which they hope will go viral. Sometimes they get the fame they crave, but such videos can also serve as proof of their mischievous acts, as a result of which they get caught.

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