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Your car is speeding, what will happen if you put reverse gear by mistake?


Reverse gear is not easily engaged in a moving car.
The gear is locked in an automatic car.
However, if this is done, the gearbox will get damaged.

New Delhi. The first thing we are told while learning to drive a car is the gear. How are gears fitted and which gear is used for which purpose? Means in which gear the car should start driving and which gear should be in high speed. At the same time, how should the reverse gear be engaged to take the vehicle back. But one thing definitely comes in the mind of all of us sometimes and some people also try to do it. That is putting reverse gear in a forward moving car.

But is it right to put reverse gear in a forward moving car? If this happens even by mistake, will there be any damage or the car will overturn. Let us know all these things in detail and understand how to put back gear while driving in manual and automatic transmission cars, then what will be the consequences.

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Did this in a manual car.
In a manual car, if you accidentally or intentionally try to engage reverse gear in a moving car, the gear box will make a loud noise. Also, you will not be able to apply it at high speed. If you try more then the gear wheels of the car will break completely and no gear will be engaged in the car again and your car will stop. The same thing will happen even if you forcefully engage reverse gear in low speed and the car will come to a halt with a jerk. However, during this time the car will not turn. But even then it will be dangerous as a sudden jerk can cause injuries to the driver and the people sitting in the car and the vehicle coming from behind can hit you. At the same time, the gear box of your car will be completely damaged, the cost of getting it repaired can run into lakhs of rupees.

In automatic cars….
In cars with automatic transmission, even if you want to engage reverse gear, you cannot do so. Because gear locks come in auto transmission. When you are driving the car you can only shift it to manual and also you cannot shift it to park or reverse until you stop the car. In this, the gear lever gets locked and it cannot be removed with any amount of force. That’s why it is not possible to apply reverse gear in automatic cars in a moving car.

If your car’s gear lock is bad and then you try to apply reverse gear in a moving car, then the same thing will happen in a manual car. The only difference will be that the cost of repairing or replacing its gearbox can be up to double that of a manual gearbox. Also, it is connected to many sensors, all of them will get damaged and you will have to bear their cost separately.

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