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Your smart TV also spies on you! To save personal data, immediately turn off this setting

New Delhi. You must have heard many times that your smartphone spies on you, but have you ever heard that your smart TV also spies on you? If not, then today we are giving you the answer. It has been told in many reports that smart TV can also spy on you. Now we are telling you here how it keeps an eye on you.

How is your smartphone spying on you?
As we all know that there are many such features available in Smart TV which are quite amazing and you like them a lot. From connecting the TV to the internet, many things can be done on it till OTT apps. Smart TV is as convenient as it is dangerous. Now we are telling you how it is dangerous here.

Smart TV also contains your personal information. You think this information is not going to anyone whereas it is not so. Your smart TV also has tracking. Your data is also collected through your TV.

How does TV collect data:
Whatever information you enter on smart TV or whatever you search on YouTube, that data is with the company and on the basis of this you are shown ads. Companies earn money based on the apps or show recommendations you are given. There is a feature of TV which is ACR i.e. Automatic Content Recognition. It monitors all the videos that you are watching on Smart TV. This data of users is also said to be shared with marketing companies.

You will be able to keep the data safe:
Every TV has different settings. But we are currently telling you the method of Samsung TV. You have to go to Smart Hub Policy and then here you will get many options in which Sync Plus and Marketing will also be an option. Disable it.

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