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Your WhatsApp will be destroyed! It will be fun using these 5 features, you will also say wow…


  • WhatsApp will introduce new features
  • Users’ experience will be fun
  • These 5 exciting features are coming soon

New Delhi. Something very exciting is about to come for WhatsApp users. Yes, five new features and updates are expected to come soon, which can make texting even more easy and fun. You can also call it a cooler version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp has an old relationship with controversies, it is not hidden from anyone. WhatsApp has been going through a phase of ups and downs in the past few days, but there are some things related to WhatsApp that we can all agree on, that it is the easiest messenger service.

Most of the people in the world see WhatsApp as the primary way to stay in touch with each other, as well as the only better way to send direct messages. Apart from all this, WhatsApp keeps on providing new services from time to time to make the life of its users even more easier. The best and best part is that these services are available for free.

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One of the few things that makes WhatsApp even more cool are end-to-end encrypted chats. Apart from this, putting stories, making video as well as audio calls also makes WhatsApp cool. However, we are going to tell you about some such features of WhatsApp, which will make WhatsApp even better.

Top Upcoming Features That Will Make WhatsApp Even More Cool:

1- Message reactions
You can also react to messages you send on iMessage and Facebook Messenger, which makes the conversation even more interesting. Now WhatsApp is also going to bring this feature soon. So if you don’t want to reply to a message, you can now respond to any message with just emoji. This service will also be available on group chat, which can make communication much easier.

2- New Look chat bubbles
Most of the time people spend on WhatsApp is on the chat window and the app wants to improve the experience. Therefore, the green bubbles around your text will be redesigned to be more attractive through a new WhatsApp update.

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3- Better looking contact card
WhatsApp on Android will now show a redesigned card that only shows photos. The redesigned card will offer options for direct call, text and video calls. Group contact cards will only give an option to send a text.

4- New Photo Editing Tools
WhatsApp is currently working on a photo editor tool similar to what it is offering on its Stories. Along with applying stickers to the photo, users will also be able to crop it according to their own. Apart from this, users will also be able to apply text and emoji on the photo.

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5- WhatsApp Payment Shortcut
WhatsApp is looking to add a shortcut to the UPI-based payment system directly from the chat box. If this happens, you will get the payment option directly from the chat box itself. This feature of WhatsApp is already available for iOS users, but it will be a new option for Android users.


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