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YouTuber did amazing feat with bike, cooked omelette with ‘1000 cc’! video viral

New Delhi. Some people keep finding new ways every day to make their videos viral on social media. People do not shy away from flaunting their expensive cars and bikes to get views. Many times people break the rules and shoot videos from bikes and cars.

Recently such a video is going viral on the internet which you have hardly seen before. Actually, this video has been uploaded by a YouTube channel named JS Films, in which a man is seen cooking omelette on the engine of a bike.

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Omelette cooked by the heat of the engine!

In this video, a man is shown cooking an omelette with the heat of a bike engine. This bike seen in the video is not an ordinary bike, but Ducati’s superbike Ducati Panigale V4 S (Ducati Panigale V4 S), which costs around 40 lakh rupees.

The YouTuber bought this bike exactly a year back. In the video, YouTuber tells his viewers that you must have eaten many types of omelette, but this omelette that he is going to make is of a different kind. He says it is not a normal omelette but a ‘1000 cc’ omelette.
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It can be seen in the video that he keeps the boiled egg in an aluminum foil. He then starts the bike to heat it up to cook the eggs. He then tilts his bike and places the egg in an aluminum pouch just below his fuel tank where the radiator vents its hot air. Then he turns the accelerator of the bike so that the engine can heat up and in a few minutes the egg kept in the foil is completely cooked by the heat of the bike.

The bike is equipped with a powerful engine

The engine of Ducati Panigale V4 S is quite powerful. In this bike, the company has installed a 1000 cc 4 valve engine which produces maximum power of 214 bhp and maximum torque of 124 bhp.

Being so powerful, this engine heats up instantly and is much hotter than a normal bike. Let me tell you, there are many such videos on YouTube where people are shown baking bread on the bonnet of the car in summer.

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