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Abdu and Archana had a fierce fight, know what else happened on the 37th day in Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 16 Day 37 Written Update: Full drama is being seen every day in Bigg Boss season 16. There is a fight between the contestants. On the 37th day also, there was a lot of commotion among the family members. There was a lot of commotion in the house regarding the relationship between Gautam and Soundarya. There was also a lot of fight between Archana and Sumbul. Shekhar Suman entered the house with Big Bulletin. Let us know what else happened on the 37th day?

Fierce fight between Archana and Sumbul
The episode starts from the evening of the 36th day. During this, Archana tells Tina not to go to the bathroom with Shaleen. Tina starts arguing with him on this. At the same time, Gautam tells the family why he had pressed the buzzer. Meanwhile, Archana pulls up Sumbul for telling others about Gautam and Soundarya. Archana tells Sumbul why did you tell what Salman sir showed. On this Sumbul says that I only told Tina. Archana says you asked before telling about me? After this a lot of fighting ensues between the two. Meanwhile, Tina also responds to Archana by taking Sumbul’s side. There is a heated argument between them and Archana also involves Soundarya in this matter. Sumbul gets angry and starts shouting at Archana. After this, Archana Gautam taunts him – If you do not even belong to your father, then what will happen to someone else. After hearing this, Sumbul turns red and yellow with anger and threatens Archana and says – Papa par gai nahi maar maar ke peacock banenge.

Tina asks Bigg Boss to explain to Archana
After this the 37th day begins. Everyone sings Bigg Boss anthem. Shaleen and Tina talk about a fight with Archana. After this, Shaleen tells Tina not to pay attention to everything that Archana says. Tina cries in the room after seeing her dog’s photo, later she asks Bigg Boss to talk to Archana. Archana talks to Abdu about Sumbul. Sajid also talks to Tina. Archana sits with Soundarya and Gori and talks about her fight with Shaleen. While Stan talks to Nimrit and Shiva about Gautam.

Praises Sajid Abdu
Praising Sajid Abdu, he says that he is doing a great job as a captain. He also warns Abdu to be careful and advises him to be strict. While Abdu asks the family members to leave the dirty mug here and there, he requests them to keep the utensils clean. Meanwhile, Abdu says that he is not happy with Priyanka not working properly. At the same time, Archana laughs seeing Abdu’s strictness and Priyanka also points out the flaws in the duties of others. Archana along with Ankit and Priyanka conspires to harass Abdu. Archana starts showing Abdu how Nimrit is not doing her work properly. This makes Abdu angry.

Very angry with Abdu Archana
Stan tells Shiv and Sajid that he is not feeling well in the house. He says that he has been repenting a lot after coming to the show and he wants to go home. On the other hand, Archana tells Gautam that she is angry with Abdu. Hain Abdu asks Archana why is she making tea when Ghori is on duty. On this, Archana keeps teasing Abdu. Abdu gets irritated with Archana and starts copying her. Abdu tells Archana that she is an idiot. Tina, Shiv and other contestants also support Abdu. After this Abdu gets angry and asks Archana to go to jail for repeatedly mentioning Nimrit’s name and he also shouts at her. Shiva warns Archana that if she does not obey, he will make her life difficult. After this, in a fit of rage, Abdu throws his mic. Shaleen, Tina and Nimrit go to pacify Abdu. Abdu keeps shouting at Archana. Shaleen and Nimrit also get angry on Archana.

Abdu cried when Archana harassed her.
Shiva, Shaleen and many other contestants get angry with Archana for harassing Abdu. Sajid also refuses Archana. Soundarya, Gautam and Archana talk about Abdu’s love for Nimrit. After this, Abdu changes everyone’s duty. He asks Archana to clean his room and bathroom, Shiv starts harassing Archana. Stan also makes fun of Archana. After this the alarm sounds when Priyanka and Ankit are found sleeping. He even tells Archana not to sleep. Shiva goes to wake Archana, he gets angry with Archana for using wrong words for Abdu. Abdu Archana is also called Stupid Dog. Abdu starts crying due to Archana’s repeated troubles. After this Stan hugs him.

Shekhar Suman entered the house with Big Bulletin
After this, Shekhar Suman’s big bulletin enters the house. He pulls the legs of Soundarya and Gautam. He also jokes with Archana. A monkey puppet is also entered with Shekhar Suman for some more entertainment in the house. Monkey Puppet makes fun of the family members a lot. Puppet also calls Nimrit a crocodile. After this Priyanka and Ankit discuss how Shaleen’s chicken is being made fun of in every segment. Tina tells Shaleen not to take the chicken she got from Bigg Boss.

Nimrit then reads the letter and then a leader board is shown where Priyanka and Sumbul are leading the MyGlam face of the season contestants. Tina looks upset with this and talks to Nimrit. Ghori removes her problem from Sajid. Priyanka grumbles when she gets less food. At the same time, Nimrit and Priyanka get into an argument.

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