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Abdu’s captaincy was given rating by the family members, know the full update of 40th day

Bigg Boss 16 Day 40 Written Update: Bigg Boss season 16 is getting very funny now. There are fights between the family members on petty issues. There is a lot of uproar in the Bigg Boss house even on the 40th day. While Tina and Shaleen break up, there is a lot of fight between Archana Shiva too. The family members also prepare Abdu’s report card. Let us know what else happens on the 40th day in Bigg Boss house.

Patchup between Shaleen and Sumbul
The episode of 9th November begins on the evening of the 39th day. Shaleen and Sumbul are seen ending their feud and the two become friends again. At the same time, Tina is seen angry during this time. After this, Archana Shiv, sitting with Nimrit, speaks for Priyanka that she is scared only after coming to the nomination for the first time. At the same time, when Priyanka asks Ankit what Archana was saying, during this time there is a lot of debate between the two. However, Abdu comes and ends the quarrel between the two. After this, Ankit tells Priyanka everything about what Archana was saying. On this, Priyanka says that why did you not give more answers, you have come after finishing the talk in one line. Then an argument ensues between the two.

Fight between Shaleen and Tina
After this a fight ensues between Shaleen and Tina. Shaleen tells Tina that you leave me alone and Tina says that I have not even caught you. After this Tina says don’t threaten me. Shaleen tells Tina that I am tired of your over smart attitude. After this Nimrit ends the quarrel between the two. With this, the 39th day ends.

Abdu’s report card given by family members
The 40th day begins with the Big Boss anthem. Bigg Boss asks the family members to rate Abdu’s captaincy. Archana stands up first and she gives a 6 out of 10 rating to Abdu. During this, Archana says that Abdu comes and works at the behest of Shiva, Tina and Nimrit. He has changed duty time and again. After this, Archana gets into an argument with the rest of the family. During this, Nimrit narrates good and bad to Archana by taking a stand for Abdu. After this, Sumbul gives a 10 out of 10 rating to Abdu. Archana raises objection on this too and says that Abdu keeps sleeping. At the same time, Shiv gives 10 out of 10 to Abdu and makes him the best captain. On the other hand, Nimrit gives 9.9 out of 10 to Abdu. The same Ankit and Priyanka give 7 out of 10 to Abdu. They say that Abdu discriminates a lot in duty. During this, there is a lot of debate between Priyanka and Shiv.

Sajid calls Abdu heavy on 10 captains
Stan also gives Abdu a 10 out of 10 rating. They say that Abdu is not an affair at all. Tina also gives 10 out of 10 to Abdu. Gori gives 9 out of 10 to Abdu. At the same time, Gautam gives 8 marks out of 10 to Abdu. Soundarya gives Abdu 9 out of 10. On the other hand, Shaleen gives 10 out of 10 to Abdu and says that he is not unfaithful. On the other hand, Sajid gives 10 out of 10 to Abdu and tells that he alone is heavier than 10 captains.

Fight between Shiva and Archana
Soundarya tries to end the fight between Sajid and Ghori. At the same time, there is an argument between Shiva and Soundarya on the matter of tomato. Meanwhile, Sajid calls Gori a dancer, and Archana comes in the middle and says that she is an artist, not a dancer. At the same time, there is a lot of fight between Shiva and Archana too. Shiva calls Archana a lost leader and Archana starts crying a lot. Shiv tells Archana that don’t come in between understanding the topic first. There is a lot of quarrel between Shiva and Archana. Archana then tells Shiva not to bark. Archana keeps objecting again and again to Sajid dancing Gori. On the other hand, Sajid hugs Ghori later and says that I do not have any quarrel with you.

Bigg Boss explains to Archana
After this, Bigg Boss calls Archana to the confession room and asks the whole incident. Archana says her point but Bigg Boss says that it is clear that you do not know the whole thing. After this Bigg Boss says that we have no objection on whose side you stand. At the same time, the family members say that it has said so much wrong for the actors. However, in the meantime, Bigg Boss says that all these things should not be said on caste, religion, sect, profession. Bigg Boss tells Archana that you took a word wrong by grabbing it. After this Bigg Boss sends Archana. At the same time, Sajid explains to Ghori what he had said in actual.

Mining task done to retain Abdu as captain
Bigg Boss says that Abdu has another chance, he can remain the captain for a week. After this, Big Boss announces the mining task for Abdu and Change Abdu to make Abdu the captain and makes Priyanka the supervisor. In the first round, Priyanka sends Tina and Soundarya to collect gold in the mine. Tina keeps two sacks and Soundarya also keeps two sacks. In the second round, Archana and Nimrit go. After this, once again a tussle starts between Archana, Shiva, Priyanka and Ankit. With this, the episode of November 9 ends.

Tomorrow there will be a lot of ruckus in Bigg Boss house again. Tina and Nimrit will fight with Archana over hiding tissues in the kitchen. During this, there will also be a fierce fight between Shiva and Archana. Even physical violence will be seen.

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