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Actress Tania Rajawat reduced her weight by 10 kg in 2 months, pictures of her transformation were astonishing

Actress Tania Rajawat has blown everyone’s senses by losing 10 kg in two months. Pictures of her glamorous transformation are going viral on social media. Tania made her debut with an OTT film in 2018 and also faced a lot of rejections.

TV actress Tania Rajawat reduced her weight by 10 kg in 2 months, pictures of her transformation were astonishing, Photo: Insta/taneerajawat
Actress Tania Rajawat, who appeared in TV shows like ‘Nazar’ and ‘Qubool Hai’ and ‘Crime Patrol’, is currently in discussion about her transformation, not acting. Tania Rajawat has lost 10 kg in just 2 months. Seeing his very slim avatar, everyone is eating gutsy. This transformation of Tania Rajawat is being discussed on social media.

Tania Rajawat told in a conversation with our colleague ETimes that she started her fitness journey two months back which has now been completed. He is very happy with his new avatar. Earlier Tania Rajawat’s weight was 55 kg, but now it has come down to 45 kg.

taneea rajawat transformation2

Tania Rajawat, Photo: Insta/taneerajawat

taneea rajawat pic

Tania Rajawat, Photo: Insta/taneerajawat

Talking about career, Tania Rajawat started with the world of TV. However, his journey was not easy. Recently, in an interview given to ‘Zoom Digital’, Tania had told that when she entered the industry, she got many projects. In this, he was offered the main role. But some projects got closed forever.

taneea rajawat photo

Tania Rajawat, Photo: Insta/taneerajawat

When the show ended before it even started

According to Tania, once she auditioned for a TV show. After getting selected, he also did a lot of preparation. But kept waiting for 3-4 months only. Later it is found that that TV show has stopped.

taneea rajawat actress

Tania Rajawat, Photo: Insta/taneerajawat

Tania Rajawat was heartbroken after seeing this. But somehow he kept his courage and continued working on his acting skills. In 2018, Tania Rajawat made her acting debut with the Netflix film ‘Love and Shukla’. Later she was also a part of TV shows like ‘Code Raid’ and ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’. Apart from TV, Tania Rajawat also wants to work in OTT projects. Currently, Tania is seen in Hot Star’s show ‘Bed Stories’.

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