Aftab got the idea to cut 35 pieces of Shraddha from Dexter, used to light incense sticks to hide the smell

Such a dreadful incident has taken place in the country’s capital Delhi, which has shaken everyone’s heart. A girl named Shraddha, a resident of Mumbai, was killed by her boyfriend Aftab in Delhi. And then his dead body was cut into 35 pieces and thrown at different places in Delhi. No one can guess by looking at Aftab’s face that someone can be so cruel and merciless. After committing the murder, accused Aftab even bought a new fridge to keep the pieces of the dead body. To suppress the stench, Aftab used to burn incense sticks daily, after which he would wake up every night at 2 am and go out to throw the corpse pieces. Aftab was arrested by the police on Saturday and taken into custody for five days. Aftab told police the horrifying story of Shraddha’s murder during interrogation. Aftab told that the idea of ​​killing him came after watching the web series ‘Dexter’.

After all, what had Aftab seen in the ‘Dexter’ web series, that sat in his heart and mind? Aftab’s story of Shraddha’s murder to the police is similar to the one shown in ‘The Family Man 2’. But for this murder, he made up his mind by watching ‘Dexter’ web series.

Story of Dexter, from which Aftab got the idea
The story is about a child named Dexter, who was orphaned at the age of 3. The cruelty he witnessed with his mother in his childhood had a very bad effect on his heart and mind. As a child, Dexter had witnessed his mother being brutally murdered with a weapon such as a chainsaw or saw. Dexter is later adopted by Miami police officer Harry Morgan. Given the trauma of Dexter’s savage murder of his mother, Harry Morgan decides to consciously channel his thirst for blood in the right direction. He enlists Dexter’s help in killing criminals who take advantage of the judiciary to commit dangerous acts and are not punished. To hide his heinous act, Dexter starts working as a forensic analyst. Dexter is very careful when he commits murders. The rooms in which he kills and cuts dead bodies are completely covered with plastic. Wears gloves in his hands. He throws the corpses and their pieces into the Gulf Stream of the Atlantic Ocean so that no one suspects and does not get caught.

Delhi Murder: Aftab conspired to kill Shraddha after watching ‘The Family Man’? Like Samantha’s whereabouts of the corpse!
8 seasons of ‘Dexter’ have come
Dexter is an American crime drama, first released on October 1, 2006. This web series was re-launched on 7 November. There have been a total of 8 seasons of ‘Dexter’ web series so far. In this, Michael C. Hall played the character of Dexter. Many films and projects have been made in the past on the world of crime and crime. But with the advent of OTT, people got access to such shows and content from all over the world. But the way films and web series made on such subjects are affecting the minds of people, there is a need to pay attention to it.

Watch the trailer of Dexter web series:

Police took 6 months to catch Aftab
Aftab had hatched a conspiracy to kill Shraddha in such a way that the police took 6 months to reach him. Just as the lead character in the ‘Dexter’ web series was living a life of two personalities and as no one came to know about his heinous crimes, so is Aftab. Looking at Aftab’s innocent face, no one can guess that it is the same person who killed Shraddha with his own hands and then cut her body into 35 pieces with a saw. This web series is available on Amazon Prime Video.

Aftab told why Shraddha was killed

Shraddha was a resident of Palghar in Maharashtra and worked in a call center there. While working in the same, Shraddha met Aftab Amin Poonawalla. Both of them became friends in no time and then came closer. Although Shraddha and Aftab’s family members were not happy with this relationship. For this reason both left Mumbai and came to Delhi and started living in live-in. Aftab was arrested on the basis of Shraddha’s father’s complaint. During interrogation, Aftab told the police that Shraddha often used to quarrel with him. She was pressurizing him to marry her. Because of this, getting fed up, he decided to dispose of Shraddha.

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