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After scuffle with Shiva, Archana was out of Bigg Boss house, know the full update of 41st day

Bigg Boss 16 Day 41 Written Update: The drama is increasing day by day in Bigg Boss season 16. Everyday there are fights between the contestants in the house over one or the other thing. On the 41st day also, high voltage drama was seen in the house of Bigg Boss. Abdu steps down from the post of Captaincy. Archana gets into a scuffle with Shiva. Let us know what else happened in the house on the 41st day.

abdu’s captaincy ends
The episode of November 10 begins with the ‘Abdu for Captain’, ‘Abdu for Change Captain’ task of the 40th day. During this, Priyanka describes the ‘Abdu for Change’ team as the winner and with this the chance of becoming the captain again is snatched from Abdu’s hand. After this, Abdu takes out all his belongings from the captain’s room. During this, Shiva repeatedly teases Archana by calling her the name of his party and Didi-Didi. On this, Archana says that do not take Didi’s name.

Mahabharata happened at home after Archana’s tissue was hidden
Archana keeps the tissue hidden. After this, Tina and Shaleen tell Priyanka that Archana also keeps sugar hidden. Tina says that she also takes away the tissues hidden while the tissues have come for everyone. After this Tina asks Archana where the tissue is, then Archana says that they are kept in the kitchen. At the same time, Tina says why tissues will not be kept in the bathroom. After this, Archana goes to the kitchen and shows it by taking out the tissue. After this Shiva, Sajid and Stan and other contestants also come. After this, the debate starts again between Shiva and Archana.

Archana fights with Shiva
Shiva repeatedly teases Archana by calling her Didi and in anger, Archana grabs Shiva’s throat and asks why did she take Didi’s name. After this Nimrit shouts at Archana that how did you put your hand. Shiva again confronts Archana and says that now you have a hand, if you have power, then you have to kill. Archana says that if I take Didi’s name, I will tear it apart. After this Nimrit says that no one can raise hands in Bigg Boss your house. Shaleen says that there are nail marks on its neck. After this Priyanka and Ankit explain to Archana. Priyanka says don’t listen to yourself and answer but don’t raise your hand. Archana says that I will not hear anything about my party and didi. Archana says that my didi and my party are like my God. Gautam, Soundarya and Gori explain to Archana that it is not right to raise hands. Soundarya also comes to Archana and shouts that she is doing all this to get you out, you control your anger.

Bigg Boss left Archana’s decision on Shiva
After this, Bigg Boss calls Shiva to the confession room. Bigg Boss says that if you teased about your area, then you teased about the party with whom this incident happened. Bigg Boss says that you provoked Archana and she grabbed your throat which is wrong. After this Bigg Boss says that what did not happen in 15 seasons, this time I am confessing that what happened today is totally wrong, so I want to know from you whether you would like to expel Archana from the house at this time or it Will leave the decision on the audience. It is certain that they will definitely get punished. Shiva says that seeing his behavior, he should be expelled. After this, Bigg Boss tells Archana that if you want to say something to Shiva, then come to the confession room.

Bigg Boss asks Archana to come out of the house
Archana goes to the confession room and tells Shiva that I have not done this intentionally. Archana says I followed you back but did not strangle you. After this Bigg Boss says that the decision has been taken and I expel you from this house now and you can go here and come out from the main gate. On the other hand, Tina, Sajid, Abdu, Nimrit and Shaleen are very happy and say that they should be lost from here. At the same time, Archana, crying in front of Shiva, folds her hands and says that please forgive. Archana swears by mother and father and says that I never plead and give me a chance. After this, Bigg Boss again says that Archana, I have given my decision and you should come out of the main door. After this Archana cries a lot. Archana later says that you gave a chance to Shaleen, while Bigg Boss says that you have given a chance which you have missed and all the best to the outside world.

Archana gets out of the house
Later Archana goes to the bathroom and cries a lot. Archana repeatedly says that I did not do it intentionally. Archana repeatedly says that give a chance Big Boss, you have given a chance to all Shaleen, Stan and Sajid. Archana says that humans make mistakes. Archana later comes again to Shiva and joins hands that please do not dream of my parents, Archana also requests Nimrit to give a chance. But no one talks to Archana. Bigg Boss then tells Archana to pack your belongings and come out of the house. Priyanka tells Archana not to cry and pack your things. Archana keeps crying and says that I really did not know. After this Archana meets all the family members and comes out of the house crying.

Priyanka cries for Archana
After this Priyanka says that today something or the other has gone wrong for the whole day. Priyanka later cries for Archana that one of her mistakes cost her. After this Sajid comes and silences Priyanka. After this, Tina and Shaleen get into an argument again about Sumbul. After this, Sunfist gives a dark fantasy task in which the family members had to find some special cookies hidden in the house. In this Shiva, Sumbul, Shaleen and Ghori win.

With this, the 41st day episode ends. Tomorrow there is a Mahabharata between Tina and Priyanka about cooking.

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