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Akshay Kumar got angry on Richa Chadha’s Galwan tweet, said- We should not forget the favor of our army

Akshay Kumar has criticized Richa Chadha’s tweet

New Delhi:

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha is facing trolls and criticism for tweeting on the Galvan issue. On Tuesday, he made a sarcastic tweet about Galvan on the statement of Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, which many people did not like and he trolled Richa Chadha. Now Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has jumped into this whole matter. He has criticized Richa Chadha’s tweet. Also praised the Indian Army.

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Retweeting Richa Chadha’s sarcastic tweet on his official Twitter account, Akshay Kumar wrote, ‘It is sad to see this. We should never forget our gratitude towards our army. If they are then we are today. This tweet of Akshay Kumar is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Many social media users are giving their feedback on the tweet. Let us tell you that on Tuesday, Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi had said that the Indian Army is ready to take back POK and is just waiting for the government’s orders. Quoting this statement, the actress wrote on Twitter…. ‘Galwan hi keh raha hai’…

Richa Chadha, who is very vocal in the world of social media, did not even know what people would make of her. Otherwise maybe she would have thought thousand times before tweeting like this. People got agitated after seeing this post of Richa Chadha on social media. Many called his post “shameful and derogatory”. After a lot of protest, he not only had to delete his tweet but also apologized to all the people for such a tweet.

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