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Amidst the news of divorce, Charu Asopa was seen chilling in the new house, made fans take a home tour

Charu Asopa House Tour: TV actress Charu Asopa is getting too many headlines these days. On one hand, the actress is in controversies with husband Rajeev Sen over the news of divorce, while on the other hand, the actress is grabbing limelight on social media everyday with her latest pictures. Recently, Charu has made fans tour his home through YouTube videos.

Charu’s new home is beautiful
Charu stays connected with her fans through Instagram posts and YouTube vlogs. The actress posts fresh pictures everyday. Amidst the upheaval in married life, Charu looks very happy on social media. Videos and posts of the actress with daughter Gianna are well-liked. Meanwhile, Charu has posted the latest video of her home tour on YouTube, in which she is showing fans every corner of her abode. Charu’s new house is very beautiful.

Fans praised the house
In the video, Charu goes from the entry gate to the balcony, while the daughter is also seen lifting and feeding Gianna in her lap. Gianna is looking very cute here. Fans are commenting in praise of Charu’s house in the video.

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Charu’s new apartment is simple and classy
Please tell that Charu left Rajeev’s house and shifted to this new house with daughter Gianna. This is where the actress has also celebrated all the festivals. When Rajeev Sen came to Charu’s house on Ganesh Chaturthi, the couple also shared happy family photos together. Charu’s new apartment is simple and classy. The actress also shares her dance videos.

Fans want to see Charu and Rajeev together
Charu Asopa is very active on social media and keeps sharing vlogs related to her life on YouTube. The actress also shared the vlog while unpacking the goods during the shift to the new house. Charu and Rajeev may have separated but fans want to see this TV industry couple together for the future of their daughter Gianna. In the comment box, users keep appealing to both of them to patch up.

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