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Angry Shaleen Bhanot quits Bigg Boss 16 midway, furious Salman Khan demands Rs 2 crore fine

Shalin Bhanot Quit Bigg Boss 16: This time in Bigg Boss 16, there has been a big upheaval when Shaleen Bhanot and Salman Khan got into a heated argument. Not only this, rapper MC Stan also had to face Salman’s anger. Salman Khan’s anger is about to explode on the players who misbehaved in the show on Saturday. Its promo has also been released. The housemates will be horrified to see Salman’s fierce form, but this week one player may be discharged from the show.

Salman furious at Shaleen and Stan

There was a fierce fight between MC Stan and Shaleen Bhanot in Friday’s War, after which Bigg Boss tried to pacify both but both did not calm down. Now when Salman Khan tries to show the mirror to both of them, Shaleen sticks to his point, due to which Salman’s temperature becomes higher. Then ask Salman decently that, what will you do, will you kill him with your life? As soon as he says this, Salman Khan takes off his coat and throws it on the stage.

Shaleen quits Bigg Boss

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Shaleen says to Salman, either it will be in the show or I will…Then in response, Salman said that no one has stopped you. On hearing this, Shaleen starts leaving the show through voluntary exit. Then Salman tells Shaleen that what will happen to her if she leaves the show midway?

Pay a fine of 2 crores, you will be called a loser

Salman told Shaleen, “You had come to win and are leaving after quitting…? It’s your loss. It means you can’t handle.. both sides have to make fun of you. One, you will have to give 2 crores. You will give that..you are short of money, no brother. And you will be known as Quitter and Loser…that he does not complete any work and leaves it in the middle. If all of that is acceptable to you, then you are welcome.”

At the same time, Salman scolds MC Stan for abusing him and Stan keeps listening silently like a wet cat. Along with this, Salman is also seen talking about not blaming Tina Dutta for Shaleen leaving the show.

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