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Anjali Arora told how was the boyfriend’s reaction on the alleged MMS leak, said – can’t stand it anymore

Internet sensation Anjali Arora remains in the news. He first gained popularity with ‘Kacha Badam’ and then ‘Lock Up’. Now she is in the news due to the alleged MMS. Videos leaked in his name on social media are going viral and people are making different claims on it. Although Anjali herself had told the truth about it. In an interview, she also became emotional while talking about it. At the same time, the reaction of her roomy boyfriend Akash Sansanwal has also come. Let us tell you what he said and who he is?

When Anjali Arora was in Ekta Kapoor’s reality show ‘Lock Up’, fans thought that she and standup comedian Munawwar Farooqui would turn out to be a couple. A hashtag of his name was even made. But as soon as these two came out, till date they were never even spotted together. Where Munavvar introduced his girlfriend Nazila to the fans. At the same time, Anjali also introduced everyone of her special friend Akash Sansanwal. The fans’ hearts were shattered by this action of both of them, but both of them were very happy in their love city. Well, coming to the point.

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Boyfriend’s reaction to Anjali Arora’s alleged MMS
When RJ Siddhartha Kannan asked Anjali Arora that Akash Sansanwal has discussed something with him on the alleged MMS leaked in his name? So Anjali became emotional in response. He said, ‘Everyone knows about it, what is going on and what is not a waste. But those who are my own are trusting me. Anjali further told that Akash, mother-father, brother have all filed a complaint in the cyber cell. Because all this is no longer tolerated.

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Anjali Arora had arrived to receive Akash Sansanwal
Akash Sansanwal and Anjali Arora were spotted together several times. Recently both of them also went to Maldives. Earlier in May 2022, Anjali was spotted at the Mumbai airport, where she had arrived to receive boyfriend Akash. Both had even hugged each other here. The fans were very happy to see their lovely chemistry.

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Boyfriend Akash gifted Anjali Arora
At the same time, Anjali and Akash were also seen at a jewelery shop. Where Akash showered a lot of love on Anjali and there he gifted the actress a beautiful pendant with his own hands and wore it around her neck with his own hands. Its video also became fiercely viral on social media. A different smile was also visible on Anjali’s face.

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Anjali Arora engaged to Akash Sansanwal?
In between, news also came that both of them got engaged. But Anjali had clarified and told that she has not engaged. He said, ‘Akash is very special to me and we have a strong bond. He definitely holds a special place in my heart, but we haven’t got engaged.

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Who is Anjali’s boyfriend Akash Sansanwal?
Now the question is, who is Akash Sansanwal? So tell that he is Anjali’s boyfriend. Digital content creator. Stay active on social media. Keep posting more solo pictures and videos with Anjali. He has 23.1 thousand followers on Instagram. He is associated with BJP.

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Akash Sansanwal is associated with BJP
Akash also has an Instagram handle named @akashsansanwalbjp. In this, he keeps posting pictures and videos of Ramesh Bidhuri, MP from South Delhi. On the occasion of the completion of 75 years of independence, he had also released a poster, in which along with Prime Minister Modi, all the big leaders of BJP, including MPs, had photos.

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Anjali Arora has so many fans
Let us tell you that Anjali Arora’s latest music video ‘Saiyaan Dil Mein Aana Re’ has been released. The song is from the 1951 film ‘Bahaar’, which was picturized on Vyjayanthi Mala. Anjali Arora remains active on social media. There are 11.6 million followers on Instagram. But she does not share her photo with Akash.




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