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Ankit Gupta did a lap dance with Arjun Bijlani, the performance surprised Sunny Leone

Sunny Leone& Arjun Bijlani at Bigg Boss 16: New twists and turns are being seen every day in Bigg Boss season 16. Meanwhile, new guests are also coming in the house, who get the contestants to do various tasks. In the last episode too, Sunny Leone and Arjun Bijlani had reached Bigg Boss house to promote their show ‘Splitsvilla X4’. During this, both of them got the family members to do fun tasks, due to which the contestants clashed with each other.

Ankit gave lap dance to Arjun
Splitsvilla hosts first did a dance face-off task between Gori Nagori and Shaleen Bhanot, which was won by Gori Nagori. After this, based on the concept of their show, Sunny and Arjun divided the contestants into girls vs boys groups and made them perform tasks. After this, Ankit Gupta, who is usually calm, was asked to do a lap dance with Arjun Bijlani. His performance surprised everyone.

Tina Dutta and Ankit gave percentage to each other
In the end, Tina Dutta and Ankit Gupta were asked to rate each other and give percentage to each other. While Ankit called Tina a cheater, Tina called him a chamcha. This led to a fight between the housemates as Priyanka also intervened and Sunny and Arjun later had to intervene and stop the argument. Tina then ended the debate by saying, “It’s proved.” He says that Priyanka does not let Ankit talk and if he had come alone on the show, the family members and the audience would have got a chance to see Ankit Gupta separately.

Arjun Bijlane reveals about Stan
In the second round, Arjun Bijlani asked the housemates to give a winning heart to a contestant they like and a broken heart to the one they dislike. After this, MC Stan gives heart to Gori Nagori and gives a broken heart to Priyanka for instigating her against her friends. However, Arjun later reveals that the MC is back-biting against Gori and her friends. This leads to a fight between MC Stan and Priyanka, Ankit, Soundarya, Gautam and Gori Nagori.

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