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Anuj and Anupama were publicly seen wrapped in each other’s arms, this video went viral

Rupaly Ganguly Gaurav Khanna Romantic Reel Video: Rupali Ganguly, the lead actress of Star Plus’s superhit show Anupama, is also very active on social media. She celebrates #MaanDay every Monday with her co-star Gaurav Khanna. In this, both the actors share videos and photos with fans in Anupama and Anuj avatar. Recently, Anupama fame Rupali Ganguly shared a romantic video on her Instagram for #Maanday. In this, his tremendous chemistry with Gaurav Khanna is visible.

The small screen’s ‘Anupama’ ie actress Rupali Ganguly is seen flirting with her onscreen lover boy in this romantic video. Both are seen wrapped in each other’s arms. Anupama holds Anuj’s hand. In the background, the song ‘Lal Ishq’ is playing in the voice of Arijit Singh. On this song, both are expressing their love for each other. Rupali and Gaurav Khanna have carried Anupama and Anuj’s getup from their superhit show in this video. Gaurav is seen in a white kurta, while Rupali has made a side braid in a red sari. Both are looking amazing while performing together.

Fans have liked this chemistry of Rupali and Gaurav very much. In the comment box, fans are giving love reaction for both with #maanday. Some are telling both of them as a beautiful couple and some are praising the chemistry of both. Most of the fans are waiting for the romantic reel video of Rupali and Gaurav (Anupamaa-Anuj Romantic Video). The Anupama fame couple has a strong fan-following on social media.

After the show, Rupali keeps sharing funny reel videos from similar sets. Recently, a video of her with Anupama’s new Samar Shah actor Sagar Parekh had surfaced. In this, tremendous bonding of mother-son was seen.

Rupali shares more than one reels of her videos on social media. Sometimes she is seen dancing with fun and enjoyment and sometimes she is seen spending happy moments with family. Anupama Star Rulali shares funny and entertaining videos and reels from the sets after the show. She is seen enjoying with her co-stars on the sets. Fans also like Rupali’s reels dance videos on social media.

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