Anupam Mittal was shocked to see this pitcher’s nose, the truth was revealed to be the nephew of actor ‘Jalal Agha’

The first season of ‘Shark Tank India’ received a lot of love from the fans. Season 2 is also very much liked by the audience. Every episode of this show features more than one ace entrepreneur. Even sharks are often blown away by their business ideas. However, many times the personality of the pitcher more than the business idea impresses the sharks. Recently a new promo of the show was released. The nose of a pitcher in this video caught the attention of Anupam Mittal, founder of Seeing her nose, Anupam remembered someone. However, when the pitcher revealed his identity, no one believed it and everyone stared at him. Actually, the pitcher turned out to be the nephew of Bollywood veteran Jalal Agha.

In the new promo of ‘Shark Tank’, a video of Anupam Mittal was shared with the caption, ‘Shark Anupam ko aayi kisi ki yaad seeing this pitcher’s nose.’ More than 9 thousand views have come on this video in just 6 hours.

Anupam Mittal blown away

At the beginning of the promo, Anupam says to the pitcher, Sir aap jalal agha hai? Someone told you that you look like Jalal Agha. In response to this the entrepreneur immediately says, yes he is my uncle. On hearing this, Anupam was shocked and he said – what really? Is Jalal Agha Saheb your uncle? This revelation of the pitcher shocked all the Sharks.

pitcher explains to sharks

The pitcher explained to the Sharks his relationship with Jalal Agha and the story of his family, saying, ‘Yes, he is my Amma’s brother. You can see my nose. My mother lived in Mumbai and father from Hyderabad. I was born in America and lived there for 24 years since childhood.

Who was Jalal Agha?

Jalal Agha was the son of the famous comedian Agha. Jalal is a well-known artist who has worked in hit Bollywood films like Sholay, Gaman, Gunj and Saat Hindustani.

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