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‘Anupama’ had turned away from films due to casting couch

Rupali Ganguly On Casting Couch In Film Industry: Most of the TV and Bollywood actresses have become victims of casting couch. In the coming days, actresses have been seen sharing their experience of casting couch and now Rupali Ganguly of ‘Anupama’ has broken the silence on this. Rupali has made a surprising disclosure in a latest interview that she did not enter the film world because of the casting couch.

Rupali Ganguly’s father was a film director

Rupali Ganguly is the daughter of veteran filmmaker Anil Ganguly. Anil made many films in Hindi cinema, in which films like ‘Kora Kagaz’ and ‘Tapasya’ are prominent. Seeing her father making films, Rupali also wanted to appear in movies. Although Rupali has worked as a child artist in films like ‘Saheb’, ‘Angara’ and ‘Do Aankhen and Barah Haath’, but as a lead actress, she has not appeared in films yet. Despite being the daughter of a film director, the reason for her not appearing in films will surprise you.

Rupali Ganguly was upset with the casting couch

Rupali Ganguly has revealed in a latest interview to ‘ETimes’ that, being troubled by the casting couch, she distanced herself from films. The actress said, “Casting couch was the trend in the film industry at that time. My background was filmy, but I had promised my father that I would never lose my dignity and thus he allowed me to become a heroine. However, I could not handle the way the industry works, especially the casting couch. I decided that I can’t deal with it.”

Rupali Ganguly is currently the most expensive TV actress and with Anupama she has become famous all over the country. The actress started her career with ‘Sukanya’ and got her real identity in ‘Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai’.

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