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Anupama’s ba got trolled badly for supporting Toshu, fans made such comments

Anupamaa Star Alpana Buch Trolled: A very interesting story is being shown these days in Star Plus’ superhit serial ‘Anupama’. The track of extra marital affair with Anupama’s son Paritosh is going on in the show. Toshu’s affair is revealed as soon as Kinjal becomes a mother. Rakhi Dave first comes to know about this and then Anupama.

On knowing the act of the son, Anupama gets furious with anger and scolds the son a lot. When Toshu does not regret his mistake, Anupama opens his black box in front of the whole family. During this, Vanraj, Kinjal, Anupama, Kavya all call Toshu good and bad, but a person in the house blames Anupama only, she is the one who blames daughter-in-law Anupama even on the fault of her sons.

In the show, Vanraj’s mother Baa was seen supporting her grandson Toshu. She sees no fault of Toshu and taunts Anupama for breaking into her son’s house. Seeing this action of Ba in this track of Anupama, the fans got furious on social media. Anupama’s fans on Twitter are trolling serial Ba aka actress Alpana Booch badly.

TV actress Alpana Booch is playing the role of Baa in Anupama serial. Alpana has become a Khadoos in this serial who constantly curses her daughter-in-law for everything. This time too, Baa blames her grandson’s mistake on Anupama’s head. Ba is saying that Anupama is behind Toshu’s extra marital affair too. In such a situation, the fans on social media are telling Alpana Booch the truth.

A fan lashed out at Ba and wrote, Rupali Ganguly’s show’s rating is going to fall soon. Baa has once again started showing her colors. Baa is busy destroying the whole story. Looks like the makers need a mental treatment.

Another user wrote, do something to that illiterate old lady. This is not the first time that Baa has supported the wrong. Ba always supports the boys of her family even if these people are wrong.

Some people are also giving medal to Anupama for being the best mother-in-law who never gives a badass to Kinjal. At the same time, some fans gave Baa the tag of a witch and demanded her removal from the show.

At the same time, a fan wrote that Baa was less, which this Toshu is also giving badua to his mother.

Most of Anupama’s fans on Twitter took a dig at Ba’s dialogue and thinking in this track. Fans did not like to support Baa even on Toshu’s wrongdoing. Well, this is not the first time that people have objected to any track of Anupama. Even before this, when Anupama and Anuj got married, people had created a lot of ruckus after seeing Ba’s attitude.

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