‘Aukat Dikha Di..’ Trollers broke down on a picture of Pakistani girl, making such lewd comments

Viral Pakistani Girl Trolled: ‘Mera Dil Yeh Pukare…’ fame ‘Pakistani Girl’ Ayesha has become a social media queen. A dance video of Ayesha has created a lot of buzz, in this reel video, Ayesha’s dance moves and killer expression attracted everyone’s attention. Recently Ayesha has shared some of her latest photos for which she is being trolled.

Ayesha was impressed with the dance video
Ayesha is a resident of Lahore, Pakistan. One of his dance videos is going viral. 18-year-old Ayesha danced on Lata Mangeshkar’s classic song “Mera Dil Yeh Pukare” at a wedding function, which gained her tremendous popularity in India and Pakistan. Meanwhile, Ayesha’s social media fan-following has also increased. While most people are praising Ayesha’s dance, there is no dearth of her haters.

Ayesha trolled for latest photos
Recently, Ayesha posted some pictures on her Instagram profile with the caption “Absolutely Brother”. In this, Ayesha was replying to the trollers by showing her middle finger dressed in western clothes, but for these photos, now users have put a lot of class on Ayesha. Instagram users are trolling him calling him arrogant on getting comment box fame.

One user wrote, “Thoda sa fame kya mil gaya aagae aukat pe,”

While another user wrote, “Bohat hi low level pics thi waisi jaise saaf saaf chalta ke awara kaise hote hain.”

Most of the users are condemning Ayesha for doing such an act after getting stardom. One wrote: It reminded me of the story of Ranu Mondal getting ruined after getting stardom.

Another user has a very low budget attitude. One wrote, what are the rituals..? If you give stardom to someone, they get it like this.

Who is Ayesha?
Let us tell you that Ayesha, who went viral by the name of Pakistani girl and “Green Kurta Girl”, is just 18 years old and has more than 500k followers on her Instagram. Lakhs of people have seen this dance on social media. Ayesha’s dance and video was trending online and social media users are now following it as well.

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