Be it a beggar friend or a beggar friend! Sunil Paul targeted Manoj Bajpayee, what is the reason?

It is about the year 2021. Film critic Kamal Rashid Khan aka KRK used derogatory words for famous actor Manoj Bajpayee. He even called the actor ‘charsi’ and ‘ganjedi’. Manoj had filed a complaint against it, after which an arrest warrant has now been issued against KRK. It is also being said that the difficulties of famous comedian Sunil Pal may also increase, as he also called the actor ‘badtameez’ and ‘gira hua insaan’. Then Manoj retorted and said that people who do not have work, they need to do meditation. Now after 2 years, once again Sunil has targeted Manoj. He spoke exclusively to and said that Manoj and people like him have become money hungry and wolves. Now his downfall has come, because leaving his talent, he is resorting to abuses.

Sunil Pal also said that whenever you see the interview of Manoj Bajpayee, even in a five-minute interview, he will talk about drinking alcohol and talking about non-veg. When he came on Kapil Sharma’s show too, Sharmila Tagore was telling him that Manoj gaali-wali mat dena in this interview. Sunil tauntingly said that what image has become of him. You may be a beggar friend or a beggar friend. You have remained as mere beggars.

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First Sunil Pal praised Manoj Bajpayee
Sunil Pal first praised Manoj Bajpayee. Called him MBA. Means Manoj Bajpayee Academy. He said, ‘I am a big fan of Manoj Bajpayee sir. I say that he is not acting, he is an MBA in himself. Manoj Bajpayee is an academy in himself. If you read Manoj Bajpayee in the same way as people do MBA, then you will not need to do MBA in acting. His avatar is so wonderful and he has always worked.

After this, there was a lot of taunt on the actor
After this Sunil started taunting Manoj. He told why they are going from good to bad. He further says, ‘I just want to say that Manoj Bajpayee’s first 10 years were very good. He did a very good job from ‘Satya’ to ‘Raajneeti’. Then he suddenly changed his stance. On the OTT side. And in that he started abusing beyond limits. Started talking vulgar. Harsh things started. You can say that it runs on OTT. Ok. After that I see that they were doing some interviews among themselves with friends. Vijay was discussing with Raj that which is your favorite abuse. Vijay Raj was saying that this is my favorite abuse. By doing this, he abused a lot. Then Manoj ji, which is your favorite abuse, then Manoj ji said that this is mine. They were abusing like this. Then his own home production film ‘Saat Uchchke’ was made, it is full of vulgarity with full abuses. Then Gangs of Wasseypur, from where he made his re-entry, pick up that film and watch it, it is full of abuses.’

Sunil Pal angry on Manoj Bajpayee
Sunil Pal also said that he is a great artist and abusing does not suit him. He says, ‘I understand that such a big artist, whom we like and because of his work, he has become famous and has received a National Award. For this reason, the government has awarded him with the Padma Shri award. But then when they do such work, there is a lot of trouble, there is a lot of sorrow, there is a lot of pain. So I think this should not be done. Now on the OTT platform it is said that it is cool to abuse. In an interview, Manoj Bajpayee was saying that abusing is a wrong thing, it is social. I say which one is social brother. You will abuse your father in front of your mother! Will you abuse your mother in front of your father? Why do you talk such nonsense.’

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‘The name is Family Man, but there is no talk of Family Man’
The comedian replied to Manoj and said, ‘Just now he was asked about me that Sunil Pal said such and such about you, then he says that when you do not get work, you should do meditation. So brother, if we do not get work, then we will do meditation. At least they will not abuse like you. Will not litter like you. Mr. Manoj Bajpayee, all these things are useless. Your status is very big. Your name is too big. doing a good job. People follow you. In his OTT’s ‘Family Man’, the person talks in such dirty language. The name is Family Man, but there is nothing like Family Man in him.

‘Our work gets done, people go to hell!’
Sharing an anecdote, Sunil Pal told, ‘I was shooting with Rajpal Yadav, so he was told that you have to say this dialogue after abusing it, but he refused. He said that I will not speak, my family sees, does not like it. When Rajpal Yadav and everyone else understands that the family will see this thing, then why don’t you understand? Don’t you consider the audience as your family? Your work gets done, people go to hell, you do the accounting. So this will not work. Whatever you do, you are doing dirty and doing bad. Don’t give me suggestions. You need meditation. You are in depression. I understand that these Manoj Bajpayee type people have become money-hungry and wolves.

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