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Bhagyashree played the role of Mata Shabri, live telecast of ‘Ram Leela’ in Ayodhya on Doordarshan

Ayodhya is completely decorated on the occasion of Navratri. Ramlila has started in Ayodhya and its glimpse has also come to the fore. The live telecast of ‘Ram Leela’ held in Ayodhya took place on Doordarshan, in which Shahbaz Khan was seen in the role of Ravana and ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ fame Bhagyashree was seen playing the role of Shabri.

Bhagyashree got engrossed in Ram Bhakti
Bhagyashree, who became a part of ‘Ram Leela’ on stage, got engrossed in her character and was seen immersed in Ram devotion. Bhagyashree also said, ‘I have come here with devotion. I have come at the holy feet of Shri Ram. Shri Ram had darshan of Hanuman ji, bowed his head. The whole world that exists is run by his grace. That feeling is completely different, the films I do are different. So both cannot be compared.

‘We all do not pay attention to caste’
Bhagyashree further said, ‘Covid has taught us that it is in everyone’s blood, everyone breathes the same and everyone eats the same. I don’t believe in some things. Let us all think that we should be helpful to each other, talk to each other with love and everyone should be healthy, this is most important.

Bhagyashree play the role of Shabri in Ramlila

Started with Ganesh Vandana
Ayodhya’s Ramlila began with Ganesh Vandana, which was broadcast live on Doordarshan. In which, along with the Shiva Parvati episode, Mata Shabri and Prabhu Shri Ram were also seen.



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