Bharti Singh got angry seeing her mother-in-law wearing a mini skirt, know how is the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law

Bharti Singh Bonding with her Mother-in-law: Bharti Singh, who is called the queen of the comedy world, is often seen sharing her daily life updates with the audience through her blog. Recently Bharti Singh shared a video with her fans in which her mother-in-law was seen leaving for a party wearing a black mini skirt. In such a situation, while troubling her mother-in-law, Bharti Singh was seen joking a lot with her. Just as Bharti Singh is seen making people laugh and tickle on the big screen, in the same way she is the reason for everyone’s smile at home.

Now you just watch the latest video of Bharti Singh… As soon as Bharti Singh sees her mother-in-law wearing red top and black mini skirt, she is seen praising her beauty in a very poetic way. In this video, Bharti Singh is seen saying to the people working with her that – We are very frank with our family members… It’s good brother… Mother-in-law has gone, man, what a life… I am here I am working and my mother-in-law came out wearing a skirt…

Hearing these words of Bharti, the people standing in front started laughing loudly. Seeing people laughing, Bharti further says that – what kind of time has it come, daughter-in-law is working at home.. and mother-in-law left wearing a skirt with purse… Zindagi ho to aisi ho… as well as video In between, Bharti Singh is seen saying to her mother-in-law that- “mother-in-law, come after drinking”… After seeing this lovely bonding of Bharti and her mother-in-law, it seems that these two are not mother-in-law but daughter-in-law. Shares the relationship of daughter. Bharti Singh’s cheerful and talkative mother-in-law seems equally calm.

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