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Bharti Singh supported the comedian doing ‘tamasha’ in Pakistan, know what is the whole matter

Bharti Singh Supported Rauf lala: Bollywood’s comedy queen Bharti Singh has released a video supporting a comedian from neighboring Pakistan. In this video, Bharti is telling Pakistani comedian Rauf Lala as her brother.

Let me tell you, a reality show like Big Boss Tamasha Ghar has started in Pakistan too. Famous comedian Rauf Lala of Pakistan has also joined this show as a contestant. Bharti has shared this video with the public to support Rauf Lala. Apart from Bharti, comedian and actor Krishna Abhishek of The Kapil Sharma Show is also appealing to the Pakistani people to support Rauf Lala.

Bharti Singh engulfed Pakistan

This video of Bharti has been posted by Pakistani channel ARY Digital, in this Bharti is saying to the audience of Pakistan, Hello sir, I am aap sabki bharti, as we know Rauf Lala my brother, Tamasha is in the house where he is. Are having a lot of fun and people are liking them too, then support them all, after Bharti, Krishna’s video comes out in which Krishna tells the people of Pakistan that he is a big fan of Rauf Lala and asks people to show him. I appeal to support.

Bigg Boss is a show like ‘Tamasha Ghar’

This reality show has started recently in Pakistan, which is similar to Salman Khan’s superhit and controversial show Bigg Boss. It is named Tamasha Ghar. The promos and photos of this show have been released. The concept of ‘Tamasha Ghar’ is quite a copy of ‘Bigg Boss’.

Adnan Siddiqui is hosting

This is being telecast on Pakistan’s famous channel ARY Digital. There are 13 celebrity contestants in Tamasha Ghar. Comedian Rauf Lala is also included in these contestants. ‘Tamasha Ghar’ airs every night at 9 pm. The show is being hosted by Adnan Siddiqui who worked with Sridevi in ​​the Bollywood film ‘Mom’.



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