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Big fight between Charu Asopa-Rajiv Sen again, after 3 years of marriage, the matter reached to divorce?

Troubles have started once again in the marriage of actress Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen. There has been a big fight again between the two and this time the situation has reached to divorce. There were reports of a rift in the marriage of Charu Asopa and Rajip Sen even two years ago. From the time of marriage, there was a rift between the two for one reason or the other. However, later Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen were patched up.

Even after reconciliation, the matter is not being made, the recourse of law

But this time things are messed up. The matter has reached to divorce. According to the report of our colleague ETimes, a close source said that Charu did not get along with Asopa and Rajeev Sen from day one. But after each fight, both used to patch up. The family members tried hard to reconcile the two, but to no avail. The source said that now Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have decided to end their marriage. For this, both have taken the legal route.

Charu Asopa deleted all the pictures of husband Rajeev
Charu Asopa has also deleted all the pictures with Rajeev Sen from her Instagram account. She has not shared a single post or picture with Rajiv for a long time. At the same time, a few days ago, Charu Asopa shared a video on her YouTube channel, in which she narrated many things to her without naming her husband Rajiv Sen. Charu Asopa even said that she is asked not to show her daughter Gianna’s face. It is said that due to this the child gets an eye. At the same time, Rajiv Sen shows the face of the daughter in his videos.

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The marriage took place in 2019, since then there were problems between Rajiv Sen and Charu

Charu Asopa married Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajiv Sen on 9 June 2019. But after a few days of marriage, a rift started between the two. According to reports, Rajeev Sen and Charu Asopa started living separately. At that time Rajiv Sen had claimed that someone was brainwashing Charu. At the same time, Charu Asopa had denied this in an interview given to Bombay Times and said that he left her.

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Rajeev Sen has been away from his daughter for a long time, this post caused panic
But later everything went well between the two. When daughter Gianna was born, it seemed that Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen have erased all the grievances and all is well between the two. But from the last few months, the news of a rift started coming between them once again. When Rajeev Sen made a post in March 2022, it caused an uproar among the fans. It was discussed that there is a rift between the two again.

Charu targeted without naming Rajiv Sen in the video

Rajeev Sen shared the picture of daughter Gianna and Charu Asopa and wrote that Jiana please come back home soon. It is not safe to travel that much. Papa hasn’t seen you in a long time. On the other hand, Charu Asopa had said without naming Rajiv Sen in the recently shared video that wherever she goes, Gianna will accompany her and the daughter’s face will also be seen in every video. At present, neither Rajiv Sen nor Charu Asopa has received any reply on this issue.


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