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Big war again in Bigg Boss 16, fight broke out between Nimrit and Shiva on the allegation of ‘theft’

Bigg Boss 16 Update: Actor Salman Khan’s popular controversial show ‘Bigg Boss’ always remains a battlefield, but in its new season, fighting is being seen every day. If someone is degrading someone, then someone is standing against each other on the matter. In the latest episode, a war broke out between Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Shiv Thakre. Because of this, the ‘Choti Sarrdarni’ fame actress also started crying.

Actually, it happened that in the last episode of ‘Bigg Boss 16’, Nimrit Kaur does not get her rice in her room. She asks Archana that rice has disappeared from her room. She asks Tina and she says that she doesn’t know. Later Nimrit comes to direct Shiv-Sajid’s room and starts looking for rice. Sajid says that he is directly accusing him of theft. Nimrit refutes this and says that she does not mean that. Sajid says that she is checking his room without asking. Nimrit clarifies that she has come with the captain. Shiva also jumps into this matter, but however, everything calms down at that time.

Shiva-Nimrit fight

The matter takes hold when Nimrit gets rice in his own room. Nimrit Shiva, Soundarya go and sit near the people and Shiva asks them how they checked the room. Though Shiva’s tone was joking, Nimrit gets furious at his words and says, “Yes I saw it, I am not mad.” Slowly Nimrit’s anger starts increasing and she tells them to keep quiet. Shiv repeatedly asks why did she go to his room to check directly. Shiv repeatedly accuses them of being wrong and Nimrit Kaur says that don’t make it an issue.

Nimrit has anxiety issue

There is a lot of debate between Nimrit Kaur and Shiv Thackeray. Nimrit goes to her room and starts crying. Shiv tells them that she is overacting. Nimrit and gets angry on this. She also says that her health is bad. He said, “I did not say anything to anyone with the wrong intention.” Sajid tells them that he is wrong. On this Nimrit says that she has anxiety issues and she is not taking her medicine.

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