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Bigg Boss 15 Day 11 Written Update: Ishaan and Misha quarrel, symbol is the reason?

In the new episode of Bigg Boss 15, it seems that something is cooking between Ishaan and Jai. Once again two lions i.e. Jai and Prateek roar in the jungle. While half of the people support Jai, half are in favor of Prateek.

It seems that Prateek is the reason behind the altercation between love birds Ishaan and Misha. The fight starts between the first couple of the house i.e. Ishaan and Misha. Looks like this love story will die as soon as it starts.

A new task in the house brings new ruckus. Meanwhile, something is cooking between Ishaan and Shamita. Karan advises Jai. It seems that now Jai and Karan have started on different paths and their pair may break up. There is an atmosphere of hustle and bustle in the forest. Bigg Boss stops this task.

There is a lot of ruckus in the house. The condition of the family members is miserable. Contestants feel that Shamita has an inclination towards Tigers. The atmosphere of the house becomes hot. Everyone feels that Tigers played the game improperly.

Some agree with Shamita’s decision and some do not. On the other hand, the family fun continues. Soon someone is going to become the next victim of the forest dwellers. Stay connected with Navbharat Times for further updates….


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