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‘Bigg Boss 16’ fame Gori Nagori targets Sajid, calls Shiv’s game dirty too

Gori Nagori On Sajid-Shiv: Dancer Gori Nagori has been evicted from the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’. Since her eviction, Gori Nagori has been giving statements against Sajid Khan, Shiv Thakare and MC Stan. Shiv, Sajid and Stan were Ghori’s best friends in the initial episodes of Bigg Boss, but in the last days there was a lot of estrangement between them and now Ghori’s figure has become thirty-six.

Recently, in an interview to Bollywood Life, Gori Nagori talked about her Bigg Boss journey and vented her anger on Sajid and Shiv. He said, “I also felt very lonely. I wanted to go out. I have never been away from my family like this, but it was fun when I made friends. When my friends cheated on me at the end, I felt bad. It was disappointing.”

Sajid got angry after getting his clothes washed

Gori Nagori and Sajid Khan had a very good bond in the beginning. However, the dancer did not like Sajid’s repeated washing of clothes with fair colors. Because of this, there was some debate between them. Now Gori Nagori said about Sajid Khan, “I had once lovingly washed his clothes, but he had held hands. He used to make me wash my clothes every day. He should have learned to wash his clothes before coming to Bigg Boss.”

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Told Shiva’s game dirty

Gori Nagori had a good friendship with Shiva too, but before she was evicted, she and Shiva had a fierce fight. Shiva had even said that he would remove his arrogance. Now Ghori has called Shiv’s game dirty. He said, “He was playing well, but now he is playing dirty.” In an interview, he had said that MC Stan had cheated him. She would not want to meet or talk to any of them outside.

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