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Bigg Boss 16: Sajid did not agree despite warnings, rules were flouted, people got angry

Bigg Boss 16 Update: Many such rules have been made for the contestants living in the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’, which are strictly followed. However, this season, the contestants have been repeatedly flouting the rules of Bigg Boss. Sajid Khan is also one of them. Sajid Khan has been forbidden many times to smoke in the open. Even, he was threatened. However, Sajid is repeatedly flouting the rules.

Sajid again broke the rules

Recently, Bigg Boss refused to send cigarettes to the contestants because of this act. Despite this, Sajid Khan smoked cigarette while sitting in the garden area. Not once or twice, but many times he was seen smoking cigarette in the garden area. After explaining many times, now even Bigg Boss has kept silence. However, people are getting very angry seeing his attitude. Sajid Khan is being trolled badly on social media.

public outcry

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One user said, “Sajid Khan is smoking a cigarette while sitting on the sofa. How can he become a captain? There is a limit to saving. One said, “Sajid Khan is smoking a cigarette in the open during the captaincy task. Bigg Boss is not giving him a warning… Please throw him out of the house.” One user called the show biased. The user wrote, “Totally biased show… Sajid is smoking in the open and Bigg Boss is not saying anything.” In this way people are venting their anger and demanding to boycott the show.

Sajid Khan became the new captain

In the last episode, a task was kept for the captaincy, in which Sajid Khan became the tour guide. They had to take two contestants in turn showing the whole house to the activity room and those contestants had to exclude any three contestants from the race for the captaincy. Sajid became the new captain in this task. This time some changes were made in the captaincy. Now the captain will be treated like a king. The captain is asked to choose his two favorite people and the royal chef. Sajid Khan chooses Nimrit, Shiv, Stan, Abdu and Sumbul. All these contestants will not do any household work and are also safe from nomination.

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