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Bigg Boss 16: Salman Khan shows Soundarya the real face of Gautam! Actress got bad crying

Bigg Boss 16 Latest Episode: Friday’s episode of Bigg Boss 16 was quite interesting. When Salman Khan took classes for many members of the house, he also opened the eyes of many. One of them was Soundarya Sharma who was shown a video clip by Salman Khan. In this video clip, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Shalin Bhanot make fun of Soundarya and Gautam laughs seeing all this. Showing this clip, Salman tells Soundarya – the person you were defending did not say anything. Soundarya gets furious after seeing this clip and later takes a class on Gautam fiercely.

She says to Gautam – Your friends were making fun of me in front of you and you did not say anything. Had my father been there, he would have slapped two on his face. Goutam clarified and said, did I say something to him? So Soundarya Rokar says that you should have said something Gautam. Saying all this, Soundarya starts crying more and asks Gautam to leave from there.

Let us tell you that Gautam and Soundarya are on target of the family members due to their closeness in the show. It is being said that both are pretending to be in love in the show so that they keep getting headlines. However, Gautam and Soundarya have clarified many times that both of them are serious about their relationship but no one is trusting it. On the other hand, Soundarya and Gautam had a fight in the last episode.

Both of them have problems with each other due to which there was a fight between them. Soundarya had told Gautam that for the time being we have to confine the relationship to friendship and then after being out of the house, think about it further. Now it remains to be seen how long the bonding between the two can last amidst the changing equations in the Bigg Boss house.

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