Bigg Boss 16: Who will be the last captain of the season? Due to Priyanka’s stubbornness, the chance to win TTFW will go away.

Now only 2 weeks are left for the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ to end. There are top 7 contestants in the house, out of which the journey of one will end coming so close to the finale. Contestants have now opened all their cards to survive in the show. Some are pointing fingers at someone’s character and someone’s profession. Talking about Monday’s episode, there will be a task in the house, in which one will get the last chance to become the last captain of this season. It is shown in the promo that Priyanka sticks to her insistence. Will this task be canceled because of them and the punishment will be heavy for the family members. Let us tell you the moment by moment updates of the January 30 episode.

Bigg Boss 16 Ep 122 LIVE:

New dawn begins with Bigg Boss anthem
The new morning of the housemates begins with the Bigg Boss anthem. Apart from MC Stan, all the other housemates are shaking a lot. Everyone is seen in a good mood. Especially Shaleen Bhanot. They say, ‘The beginning of a new day. Luckily, with a little peace of mind. But who knows how long the peace will last.

Archana and her poetry
While Priyanka was running on the treadmill, Archana felt the itch to recite poetry. He recited a taunting poem. Hearing this, Shiva said – I swear.

Debate started over bread
Captain Nimrit tells Archana that she has eaten someone else’s roti. Regarding this, Archana said that yes, she has eaten. It is because they had given flour earlier. That’s why ate someone else’s bread today. Nimrit and Archana’s fight has started over a roti. On the other hand, Shiv tells MC Stan that she was trying to trouble him since morning. Later Nimrit says that now she will not take anything from Archana’s room. At the same time, Archana said that it seems that these people have come hungry. These people have such intentions that they should be ashamed. She says to Nimrit, ‘Your boys eat, see. You have come home hungry. What is not available outside. Nimrit says that ‘I do not have boys, I have not brought them from home. I am not hungry.

Nimrit flares up
Archana constantly tells Nimrit that there is no food available in her house, she has come hungry, Nimrit is shocked to hear this. She comes running breaking things and says that ‘She used to eat two rotis earlier also, now she only eats two.’ Archana says that ‘if you have not done anything for four months, then what will you do now’. She tells Priyanka, ‘Nothing should be done for these people, these people are salt halal’. Sumbul also jumps into this fight. However, she does not fight with them. On the other hand, Shiva explains to Nimrit that ‘she speaks like this’. Nimrit says that ‘no one sees how she provokes’.

Whose reality is coming in front?
Archana and Nimrit again start fighting. Nimrit says that ‘your reality is coming out’. On the other hand, Archana says that ‘Nimrit had taken two rotis from Shiva’s plate’.

Priyanka does not want to be involved
Priyanka says, ‘I want to say one thing here that humanity should not do humanity. Here bread has been lifted from the plate. That’s why these people should not talk about humanity. I just want to be involved here. On the other hand, Nimrit says that ‘she will die of hunger, but will not eat her ration’. Archana says that ‘earlier Sajid and Shiv were Guru and Chela. Now both of them are disciples. This is going on generation after generation.

Shaleen said this for Priyanka
Shaleen talks to the camera, ‘Priyanka’s right, her friend is fighting there and she is engaged in workout, should she leave.’ After this drama, Shaleen, Shiva and MC Stan are seen talking.

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