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Charu Asopa looking for happy moments with daughter Gianna, seeing the post, the fans said – no one else is needed

There is a lot of turmoil going on in the married life of TV actress Charu Asopa and Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen. Both of them gave marriage a second chance a few days ago, but due to this, their relationship soured even more. Now they are throwing mud at each other by making serious allegations. In the midst of this ruckus, Charu has shared a post with daughter Jiyana Sen, which is going viral. Seeing him laughing and smiling, the fans are saying that he does not need anyone else.

Charu Asopa New Post shared two photos with daughter Gianna on Instagram. Charu looked very happy holding the bag on the shoulder and Gianna in her lap. Gianna also looked very happy in her mother’s lap. Sharing this, Charu has created an emoji with heart, mother-daughter and kiss in the caption.

Charu Asopa-Sushmita Sen: ‘If you are not happy then get separated…’ Sushmita Sen gave this advice to sister-in-law Charu Asopa

Charu’s fans were also happy

Charu Asopa post

Fans comments on Charu’s post

After seeing this post of Charu Asopa With Daughter, her fans are very happy. One wrote that it feels very proud to see his strength. Another user commented, ‘Mother daughter more happy, no one else needed.’

under family pressuredid patch up

Charu Asopa, while talking to our colleague ETimes, had told that she had decided to patch-up two months back just due to family pressure. She said, ‘I loved him. I was always under pressure from the family for my second marriage, otherwise people would taunt that there is a problem with this girl, that’s why the second marriage did not last. So I tried a lot, but I got irritated and was not happy. I had to take this decision.

Many allegations against husband Rajiv Sen
Charu also made many allegations against husband Rajiv Sen. He talked about not being present as a father during the time of need. He had accused her of extra-marital affair and raising her hand.



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