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Charu Asopa made shocking disclosure, Rajiv Sen cheated during pregnancy!

Charu Asopa Rajeev Sen Divorce: TV actress Charu Asopa remains in the headlines due to her married life. Her relationship with husband Rajeev Sen is not going well for a long time. Both had also tried to patch up this year but it proved to be unsuccessful. Charu has left Rajiv’s house and she is living separately with her one year old daughter. Meanwhile, he has also made many allegations against Rajiv. In an interview, Charu has said that Rajiv was cheating on her.

In an interview to Pinkvilla, Charu said, ‘Last year when I was 8 months pregnant, after staying at my maternal home for some time, I came to Mumbai during the pregnancy period. Rajiv used to leave the house at 11 in the morning saying that he would go to the gym and then used to come around 11 in the night. Sometimes he used to come even at 8, 9, 10.

‘I used to ask him where it took so long, he used to say that seeing the condition of the traffic, I go to the cafe in Bandra to drink coffee and wait there for hours and then when the traffic is less then leave for home and many more While waiting for the bar, I fall asleep in the car. I accepted this from him as well.

“Once he went to Delhi without informing me and I was getting disturbed here and there. Then I found something in his bag which I understood that he was cheating on me and cheating with me. Told my whole family. Whenever all this happened, I used to think that I don’t want to stay here but everyone used to think that it is okay, I love them. I always used to listen to their exes and give them a chance and start new. But 3.5 years of marriage went out waiting for everything to be alright. Let us tell you that both of them got married in 2019 and only last year both of them have become parents of a daughter Gianna. Rajiv is the brother of Sushmita Sen.

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