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Charu Asopa said – I was pregnant and I found something in Rajiv’s bag which is proof of deception

Looks like the married life of Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen and sister-in-law Charu Asopa is completely off track. Since the marriage of both of them in the year 2019, there is a lot of turmoil between the two. After the patch up on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi for the last time, now the matter has again reached to divorce for the second time. Charu has said in his new allegations that he was being cheated by Rajeev, he has also got the evidence of this. Charu has told that he has found something from Rajiv’s bag, which has given him proof that he is a fraud. Charu Asopa is continuously accusing Rajiv Sen of assault and abusing. Rajeev says that he wants to get a lie detector test done to find out this lie. At the same time, Charu has created a sensation against Rajiv by saying a new thing.

Charu has said new things again
Charu Asopa has once again shocked the fans with her new allegations. Charu has told that Rajeev Sen cheated during pregnancy. She told that she had found something from Rajiv’s bag from which she came to know about Rajiv’s deceit, due to which she was very broken. He had also told the family about this act of Rajiv. Since Charu was in love with Rajiv, she gave her husband another chance.

‘Used to leave the house at 11 in the morning and return home at 11 o’clock in the night’
In conversation with Pinkvilla, Charu kept everything open. She told that she had returned to Mumbai after staying for a few months in Bikaner during her pregnancy. He told, ‘Rajeev used to leave home at 11 am for his gym workout in Bandra and return home at 11 pm directly. Also sometimes at 7, 8 or 9 pm. Whenever I asked Rajiv about this, he would often say that I look at the traffic on the map, then drink coffee in Bandra and wait for the traffic to subside and only then leave for home. I also believed Rajiv’s words.

‘I told this to the whole family and the whole family knows about it’
Charu further said, ‘Rajeev used to say that sometimes he used to sleep in his car. Sometimes he had other excuses. Once Rajiv went to Delhi without informing me, I was keeping things from here to there. Then suddenly I found something in Rajiv’s bag. After that I came to know that Rajiv was cheating on me. I told this to the whole family and the whole family knows about it. Whenever something like this happened, I used to think that I will no longer be here, I will just leave, but then somewhere I have loved Rajiv very much, so I forgot all his excuses and moved ahead. I always tried to make a fresh start by giving Rajiv a second chance. Three and a half years of my marriage were spent just waiting for a new beginning.

Rajeev has shared his YouTube video
Rajeev Sen is upset that Charu is dragging everything in the house to the media and social media and this is bringing bad name to him and his family. Now Rajiv has also responded to Charu’s allegations by sharing a video on his official YouTube channel.

Charu has made many serious allegations against her husband
Let us inform that recently Charu had accused Rajiv of domestic violence. He had also accused Rajiv of assault and abusing. Now recently Rajiv has responded to the allegations of the wife by sharing the video on his official YouTube channel. Rajiv has said in this video that he is shocked at Charu’s allegations. He said in very measured words, ‘I will not go to the media nor am I going to put any blame on anyone. I will only answer what has been said about me. He said that he feels that whatever has happened has happened in his personal life. He has no right to know anyone.

Rajiv said – there should be a lie detector test

Rajiv further said about this, ‘I will never call any media just because I can humiliate anyone, but if someone is saying something about me which is a lie then I will have to answer it. Everything that is being said about me is a lie. There is no evidence for all of them because there is no basis for those allegations. You may find this strange, it may also feel childish, but I believe that there should be a lie detector test for every couple who have a problem, so that the truth can come out because humans can lie, but machines can’t. So he will do favors and will not lie.’

Must go to counselor
Rajiv also said that those who want to save the marriage, they must go to the counselor, but these things are useless for those people who do not want to stay in that marriage. However, during this too, as usual, Rajiv looked worried about his daughter. Talking about the daughter, he said, ‘I want my daughter to be happy, safe, with whomever she is, whether I or Charu. Gianna’s safety is the biggest priority for me, there should be no shortage in her upbringing.



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