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Charu Asopa shifted to new house with daughter amid separation from husband Rajiv Sen, said- truth does not need proof

Charu Asopa, a famous actress and fashion influencer, has been quite popular on social media. He married Rajeev Sen, brother of Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen. Both are facing problems in their marriage for a long time. Charu’s married life has been an open book for all as both of them spoke openly about their issues with each other. A few months back, the couple rescinded their decision of divorce and decided to give their marriage a chance. But now they have separated again and have decided to end their marriage. Meanwhile, Charu Asopa has shifted to her new house.

Charu Asopa shifted to new house
Charu Asopa, who is also a popular YouTuber, shared a lot about getting divorced on social media. In a recent video of the ‘Mere Angne Mein’ actress, she revealed that she celebrated Diwali this year with her parents and her daughter. He also offered a glimpse of her new home in Mumbai, where she has moved in with her daughter Gianna.

Charu Asopa’s daughter Ziyana’s first birthday
Charu also revealed that he recently celebrated his daughter’s first birthday. He shared that his daughter’s birthday was celebrated with pomp by her sisters and her parents. He also told about taking his daughter out on Diwali with the permission of his doctor and showing the lights of Diwali.

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Charu on indecent remarks
He also talked about reading the comments on previous vlogs. He has now closed the comment section on his video. She shared that she was disappointed to read them as people had written bad things about her.

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Fans don’t need to prove

She further added that she cannot change anyone’s perceptions. He further said, ‘I don’t need to prove anything to my loyal fans because truth doesn’t need any proof. It is a lie which needs proof and justification. He said the truth comes out anyway.

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Charu accuses Rajiv
The actress has earlier accused Rajiv Sen of physical abuse and now she has shifted to a new house. He shared with ETimes that his marriage has always been in trouble. He further said, ‘Rajeev is of this nature, has abused and even raised his hand on me once or twice. They suspect me of cheating. When I was shooting for Akbar Ka Bal Birbal, he sent messages to my co-actors to stay away from me. It became difficult for me to work. I think he was cheating on me, but this is something I cannot prove.’



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