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Charu Asopa will celebrate daughter Gianna’s first birthday with sister-in-law Sushmita Sen, told what was the preparations

TV actress Charu Asopa is once again making headlines. The earthquake that has happened in their married life for the last few months is not allowing them to stay away from the news. The mystery of divorce before Rajeev Sen, later patch up and then separation has turned everyone’s head. Now the actress has also talked about her husband in her new vlog. Along with this, glimpses of shifting to the new house have also been shown to the fans.

In the latest vlog of Charu Asopa, she has given an update about her life and also told about the activities of the day. She has come back to Mumbai after celebrating Diwali with family. She told in a vlog uploaded on the YouTube channel that she was about to come to Mumbai on October 19 but her daughter had contracted dengue due to which she had to cancel her flight.

Happy Birthday to Charu Asopa’s daughter Gianna
The actress further told in the video that the daughter had to be admitted to the hospital, whose pictures she also shared on Instagram. Staying in Rajasthan got Gianna treated and after celebrating Diwali with her parents, she returned to Mumbai. Now his daughter is fine and has turned a full year old.

Gianna will celebrate her first birthday with her aunt
In the vlog, Charu Asopa was seen unpacking her belongings at the new house. Here she will now live with her daughter. Apart from this, she was also seen discussing the plans for the daughter’s first birthday. The actress told that Gianna has completed one year. On this special occasion, his aunt ie Sushmita Sen and her two daughters have done a lot of planning. Also, on this occasion, Baba i.e. his father-in-law will also be present in the party. Everyone has made a lot of preparations for Gianna’s birthday, for which she is very excited.



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