Dalljiet Kaur Son: Dalljiet Kaur’s son Jaden misses India, said- my every day is like a honeymoon

Two months have passed since the marriage of TV actress Dalljiet Kaur. She left India and shifted to Nairobi. However, she will continue to visit India for work. Dalljiet Kaur’s husband Nikhil Advani is a businessman and he lives in South Africa due to work. You know, Dalljiet Kaur was first married to Shaleen Bhanot of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ and both have a son, who now lives abroad with the actress. Dalljiet has once again openly talked about how life has become after marriage.

40-year-old Dalljiet Kaur told that her every day is like a honeymoon. She considers Nairobi a very beautiful place. where many Indians live. He believes that till now she was unaware of this beauty and culture. She lives there very happy and happy.

Feels like India: Daljit Kaur

Coming from a Sikh family, Daljeet feels that she is away from home, but here too there is a Punjabi atmosphere because many Punjabi families live here. He loves it when women from the neighborhood come up to him and ask if he needs anything. Not only this, Gujaratis are also seen a lot. They feel as if this too is a part of India.

Daljit is happy for his son

Dalljiet Kaur also spoke about the changed environment for son Jaden. ‘Jaden is still trying to adjust,’ she says. He is adapting to the changes in life. I am happy that Jaden is studying in Nairobi because there are children from all over the world. Jaden Rose tells that Mamma, today I met children from Mexico, California to Bangladesh.
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Son Jaden misses India

However, Dalljiet Kaur Son also admits that Jaden still misses India a lot. Especially my friends. She says, ‘We have been in India for about 7-8 years. There we were very close to many families. Now Jaden misses them. I get the son to talk to his friends on a video call.

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