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Despite repeated reprimands, contestants smoked cigarettes in the open, angry Bigg Boss reprimanded them

Bigg Boss 16 Update: The reality show ‘Bigg Boss 16’ has been in the headlines for many reasons. Contestants are crossing the level not only in fighting but also in breaking the rules. All the contestants coming to Bigg Boss house are a popular star who has a huge fan following. In such a situation, their wrong attitude gives a wrong impression on the people. A separate room has been made for smoking in Bigg Boss, because smoking is prohibited in the open. However, this season, contestants are breaking the rules again and again.

Contestants including Sajid Khan are repeatedly breaking the rules and smoking cigarettes in the open despite lakhs of persuasions and warnings. Something similar happened in the last episode as well. Sajid Khan was again seen smoking in the open and this time Bigg Boss lost his patience. He made all the contestants stand in the garden area and closed the smoking room. Not only this, it was written on the board outside the smoking room for the contestants – ‘We are idiots’.

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Not only this, Bigg Boss also insulted all the contestants. Bigg Boss said, “Today popular stars are standing in front of me. Although you should be proud of your experience, but you are feeling ashamed of one of your actions. You have to smoke cigarettes openly in front of everyone, despite being repeatedly interrupted. You all are well known faces, you have a lot of fans, from five year old children to 70 year olds, what message do you want to give to them that smoking is a very good habit. Wow, if there is a hero like you then what is the need of a villain.

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Bigg Boss shows the mirror to the housemates

Bigg Boss further said, “Now all of you will say that the smoking room is very small. There is no space in it, but it is surprising that those who can smoke standing with 20-20 people in the common smoking area at the international airport, cannot smoke comfortably alone here in the exclusive room. Why? This thing is beyond my thinking. I could have interrupted your stupidity again and again. To stop or not to stop it is your own choice and I have clearly seen and understood your wish. So from now on the smoking room is closed and you smoke sitting outside the smoking room and tell the fans in front of the camera why it is good to smoke.

All the contestants apologized to Bigg Boss. However, Sajid Khan did not regret his mistake.

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