Dhansu trailer of Radhika Apte’s Mrs. Undercover blew fans away

A few days ago, the makers released the teaser of Radhika Apte’s film ‘Mrs Undercover’, which got tremendous response and now the full-fledged trailer has been released. Radhika Apte will be seen in the character of Anokhe till now in ‘Mrs. Undercover’. Radhika has played a variety of characters till now, from romantic to suspense thrillers, but this one is completely different. In ‘Mrs Undercover’, Radhika Apte is a normal housewife in appearance, but in reality she is an undercover agent who attacks enemies at night.

The trailer of Mrs Undercover has gone viral and fans are not tired of praising the actress. It is shown in the trailer that Radhika Apte lives as a housewife during the day and immediately becomes an undercover agent as soon as the householders fall asleep at night. Then in the dark nights, she sets out on deserted roads to annihilate the enemies. Fans are very fond of this avatar of Radhika Apte.

What’s in the trailer for Mrs. Undercover?

It is shown in the trailer that actor Rajesh Sharma, who is a member of the Special Force, calls Radhika and assigns her a case. Rajesh Sharma tells Radhika that the opportunity she has been waiting for a long time has arrived. Radhika is then given the task of catching a serial killer. The targets of this serial killer are women who are fearless and work independently. At first Radhika Apte keeps denying, but later agrees and then leaves her avatar of a housewife and comes back to her old avatar. That is, she becomes an undercover agent.Mrs Undercover Teaser: Fans were surprised to see the teaser of Radhika Apte’s ‘Mrs Undercover’, said – this is a female family man

fans are praising

Fans are appreciating the trailer of ‘Mrs Undercover’. A fan wrote, ‘If anyone knows acting in Bollywood, it is Radhika ji.’ Another fan has written, ‘It should have been named Family Woman.’ While some fan called Radhika a rockstar and acting as ‘ruckus’, some praised the trailer and casting.

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‘Mrs Undercover’ to release on April 14

‘Mrs Undercover’ will release on ZEE5 on 14 April. Apart from Radhika Apte and Rajesh Sharma, actors like Roshni Bhattacharya, Saheb Chattopadhyay, Indrashish Roy and Biswajit Chakraborty will be seen in the film. Earlier, Radhika Apte was seen in the Netflix film ‘Monica, O My Darling’.

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