Diljit Kaur broke silence on family planning with Nikhil, told how is the relationship with step daughters

Recently, TV actress Dalljiet Kaur was in headlines due to the news of her marriage. Shaleen Bhanot’s ex-wife Daljit Kaur recently tied the knot with UK-based Nikhil Patel. She has now shifted from Mumbai to abroad. Now being free from marriage, Dalljiet Kaur answered all the questions of the fans. He answered a lot of questions from fans on Instagram. She answered the question whether she will do family planning with Nikhil. So he said that he already has three children. He is very happy with three kids.

Let us tell you that Dalljiet Kaur was constantly being questioned about the children. There were also reports that she wants to have children with Nikhil Patel. But now Daljeet has made it clear that she does not want to have children anymore. Nikhil has two daughters with his ex-wife and a son of his own, Jaden. In such a situation, he is the parent of three children. He will focus on the upbringing of these children.

How is Daljit Kaur feeling in Kenya now?

Fans asked Dalljiet Kaur how she felt after shifting to Kenya. He told that yes he is feeling good after coming to Africa. Many neighbors visited him here. The nature and views here are very beautiful. He told about his diet. She told that she is soon going to start a new diet plan with Nikhil.

when will you come back to india

Nikhil is originally Gujarati. So a fan asked him if he knew Gujarati. So she tells that she does not know Gujarati now but she will definitely learn it. Along with this, he also gave an update on the upcoming project and returning to India. She told that in June she will start shooting for a web show, only then she will return to India.

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How is the bond with Nikhil’s daughters?

How is the bond he has with Nikhil Patel’s daughters? Reacted to this too. He said that children are all very cute. Aari (Nikhil’s daughter), Nikhil and I share a great bond. I am very happy that I got married at the right time. This is the perfect time for kids.

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