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Dipika Kakkar cried at Saba Ibrahim’s valima, many eyes moistened seeing such a relationship between sister-in-law

TV actor Shoaib Ibrahim’s sister Saba Ibrahim is now married and recently shared her first few moments with her in-laws as a Mrs. From giving a glimpse of the first day of post wedding rituals to Walima to nok jhok with her husband Sunny, Saba’s life is full of happiness. Although Deepika Kakkar is Saba’s sister-in-law and she loves her very much. Many photos and videos of both of them are very viral on social media. Recently, a picture of Deepika has come from her wedding pictures, in which she is bidding farewell to Sabah with moist eyes.

Dipika Kakar gets emotional

In the video shared by Saba, you can see that the next day of the marriage, Deepika Kakkar went to Saba’s in-laws house and she had tears in her eyes while meeting her. In the video, Deepika can be heard saying, ‘Thoda time to lagga. I am very happy. Saba consoles them and says that she was waiting for them since morning. Sabah gave a glimpse of their post-wedding rituals, where the bride and groom have to hold a ball made of flower petals. Everyone tries to make Saba win. Saba tells that the next morning the bride’s family comes with food.

Saba’s relationship with brothers

Saba shares a very close bond with her cousins. He also posed with her at the wedding. Saba and Sunny looked ready for their Walima. Saba teases her husband saying, ‘He is a little shy.’ To this Sunny replies, ‘No I am not shy’. She introduces everyone to her fans and then tells everyone not to feel bad as a little fun is necessary in every relationship. Saba and Sunny meet and greet everyone at Walima.

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Fans came to meet Saba

As Dipika and Shoaib were about to go out but Sunny said that Saba should spend time with her family. Saba spent a night with him and shared many anecdotes with his family. Says Saba, ‘It felt like we were sharing stories of a year. so to speak. Few fans came to meet Saba and shared some heartwarming moments with her. Everyone took gifts for the new couple and Saba welcomed them with love.



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