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Divorce of actress Sana Amin Sheikh after 6 years of marriage, this particular reason given for separation from husband

Sana Amin Sheikh, who was seen in TV serials like ‘Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi’, ‘Pratigya’, ‘Krishnadasi’, got divorced after 6 years of marriage. She had married TV director Ejaz Sheikh but now both have separated. The actress has disclosed this. He has also told that what was the real reason behind this, after which he had to take such a big step.

The news of Sana Amin Sheikh and Ejaz Sheikh’s divorce came on 13 September. In a special conversation with ETimes, the actress said, ‘After knowing each other for a month, we decided to get married. We also liked each other. Sana says when you are working in TV industry then time is very precious. Very few can enjoy it.

Sana Shaikh and Ejaz Shaikh’s wedding photo.

That’s why Sana Sheikh divorced
According to Sana, ‘We didn’t even have time. Our schedule was very busy so we could not spend time together. Even I shot for the show Krishnadasi the day after my nikah. And Ejaz was directing the daily soap. When we got time after work, we realized that we both came from different backgrounds. And from this marriage we wanted different things. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a chance to talk about it. Neither during the courtship nor in the initial months of marriage. We had compatibility issues.

Sana Amin Sheikh

Sana Shaikh’s Haldi’s photo.

Sana Shaikh and Ejaz Sheikh split
Both Sana and Ejaz tried hard to save this marriage but they could not succeed. The actress says- ‘We separated after 6 years of marriage. Sometimes there was reconciliation because we wanted to save the marriage. When two people are not happy under one roof, it is better to part ways. When we felt that there was no other way to save it, then we decided to move on in our respective lives. We are both fundamentally separated.

Sana Amin Sheikh

Sana and Ejaz spent time together.

Sana Amin Sheikh

Sana Shaikh and Ejaz Shaikh try their best to save the marriage.

This is how Sana Sheikh and Ejaz Sheikh met
According to media reports, the two met for the first time during the promotional shoot of Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan Season 2. From here they became friends and later got married. They got engaged on August 30, 2015, in which only family and close friends attended. After this, they got married on January 14, 2016. Before this, rituals like Mehndi, Haldi had also taken place, whose pictures were revealed during that time.



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