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Even after all three lifelines in KBC 14, the contestant made a mistake on this question, out of the game

Kaun Banega Crorepati 14 Update: Quiz based reality show ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati 14’ is in the news these days. It has been three months since the show started, but so far only one female contestant has won Rs 1 crore. Millionaires are not right, but many people definitely become millionaires. However, it is sometimes not easy to cross all the stages of KBC. The last episode is the latest example of this. A contestant lost the game even after using all three lifelines.

In the last episode of KBC 14, host Amitabh Bachchan welcomed the contestant Shreyas Sitchie, who was the first to answer Fastest Finger First. Shreyas is the director of an oil mill located in Pune, Maharashtra. He answered 11 questions without any lifeline, which was a good thing, but even his three lifelines did not work in answering one question.

What was the question for 12 lakh 50 thousand rupees,

After winning 6 lakh 40 thousand rupees, Amitabh Bachchan asked Contestant Shreyas the 12th question. Big B’s question was- Which of these American astronomers was the first to discover that the Sun is not at the center of the Milky Way?

The options given were A- Frank Drake, B- Edwin Hubble, C- William K Hartmann, D- Harlow Shapley. The correct answer is- Harlow Shapley.

Contestants used all three lifelines

Shreyas did not know the answer to this question. He had all three lifelines left and so he tried his best to answer this question. Earlier he used 50-50 lifeline, but he failed to answer. Then he tried to get the answer from a friend using the ‘Video a Friend’ lifeline, but that also did not work. Finally, he used the audience poll lifeline. According to the audience poll, the correct answer was Option A i.e. Frank Drake. When Shreyas locked it, this answer turned out to be wrong, because the correct answer was Harlow Shapely. He got out of the game. Shreyas went to his house after winning 3 lakh 20 thousand rupees.

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