Exclusive: ‘Lockup’ Contestant Poonam Pandey Revealed – I have suffered a lot, kept me captive, brutally beaten up

Actress and model Poonam Pandey has been entered in actress Kangana Ranaut’s reality show ‘Lockup: Bedes Jail Attyari Khel’. Poonam Pandey is a name that remains in the headlines due to more controversies than a film or any project. With these controversies, she is coming to grace the Controversial Show ‘Lockup’. Contestant Poonam Pandey of ‘Lockup’ has been the model who is seen doing many strange things to get into the limelight. He is often known for his bold pictures on social media. From becoming a model for Kingfisher, she has done films like ‘Nasha’ in Bollywood. Poonam Pandey has also participated in ‘Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 4’. After nearly 14 years, she is going to be seen in the reality show once again. Meanwhile, Poonam Pandey spoke about her personal life to professional life in an exclusive conversation with Navbharat Times.

Will meet new Poonam Pandey

how am i in real life? Very excited to share this with everyone. Still people don’t know me how am I in real life? I am Maharashtrian. This is what I was born I speak Marathi very well. I was born in a middle class family and am a very simple girl. A lot of headlines are made about me, some are bad with headlines but some feel good too. No one knows who I am in real life. I have worked very hard to reach here. People only know about my controversies but she is unaware of my family, where I come from and personal life. People think that I only live in controversy, I do not do any work. I read all this, I feel bad about it too. When the offer of ‘Lockup’ came, I felt that I would not get a better opportunity than this. I have been in the industry for more than 10 years. I am very sensitive. I am going through a very difficult time. After ‘Lockup’ I think you guys will get to see the new Poonam Pandey.

Because of this, the mind of ‘Lockup’ was created

lock upp contestant Poonam Pandey 2

I have not expressed my opinion for anyone till date. I don’t consider myself qualified enough to judge anyone. I made up my mind for ‘Lockup’ because I am tired of what people call me. This reality show will give me a chance to show the real Poonam Pandey. I want ‘Lockup’ to be a good experience for me. Whatever happened to me, maybe everything will be alright.

Why did not appear in the reality show before

lock upp contestant Poonam Pandey 3

To be honest, I used to get offers from many types of reality shows but till date I did not have the courage to do something like this. People around me say that you have a special image in the market and you should not change it. People call Poonam Pandey bold and don’t know what. This has been the reason why I have always followed my steps. But when I got the offer of ‘Lockup’, for the first time I did not listen to anyone. Listened and said yes to this show. I consider myself lucky that I got this offer.

Compare with Kangana Ranaut

lock upp contestant Poonam Pandey 4

There are many similarities between Kangana Ranaut and me. I have seen many interviews of Kangana Ranaut, which shows that she has suffered a lot. After all these ups and downs always a strong woman comes out and no one tries to ‘tangle’ her. I have also faced a lot till date and in spite of all this I am sitting here. Second, women are kept very suppressed since childhood. We are taught in childhood by giving toys like kitchen sets. There is a way to make us women grow up. When someone breaks this circle and comes out, she becomes Kangana Ranaut. I have also broken the same range.

So different from Kangana
One thing that differs between Kangana Ranaut and me is that I need courage like Kangana Ranaut. I wish I had that much courage. The way she keeps her points, I should have kept all this long ago but now I am trying. I have suffered a lot. Now I have got a chance to tell all this.

Poonam Pandey regrets these things

lock upp contestant Poonam Pandey 5

There are many things in my life that I still regret. I regret to this day for not being able to raise my voice for myself in the midst of all this, my relationships, statements made on relationships, assaults with me.

Learned a lot from my mistakes, I will go ahead
I have seen many ups and downs in my personal life. Have learned a lot from your life. I have made many mistakes in my journey. These mistakes of mine have made me mature. I have learned that we should not repeat mistakes. Everything should be respected. When you learn something from something it is invaluable. I have learned a lot so far, I will try that now I will walk ahead carefully. I want to tell other women not to depend on anyone. Always believe in yourself. Never forget that you are no less than anyone.

Lessons to industry newcomers

lock up contestant Poonam Pandey

I came from this industry from Thane. I remember that I traveled without a ticket. I was 15 years old at that time. I started modeling at 16-17. I want to say this to the girls coming in the industry that you should not depend on anyone. If someone tells you that I will do this for you, then do not believe it. Listen to everyone but don’t be dependent. If you have thought that you have to do something in life, then show your ability. Instead of showing faith in everyone, believe in yourself. In this journey people often forget to believe in themselves.

Poonam Pandey Revealed

lock upp contestant Poonam Pandey 8

Before going into ‘Lockup’, I want to share with you the secret, which no one knows till now that I was imprisoned, yes, I was taken prisoner. At the moment I cannot elaborate on this.


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