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Fahman Khan will enter Bigg Boss 16 to support ‘Tamarind’, Shaleen Bhanot’s will come!

Fahmaan Khan Entry In Bigg Boss 16: Another TV star is going to enter Salman Khan’s superhit reality show Bigg Boss season 16 soon. This time the show will have a double blast when Aryan Singh Rathod will take a wild card entry to support his tamarind. We are talking about the hit pair of small screen, Tamarind and Aryan, it is reported that actor Fahman Khan, who played the role of Aryan Singh Rathod in the Tamarind show, is soon going to take a wild card entry in Bigg Boss 16.

Sumbul is left alone in the Bigg Boss house

Fahman will enter the show to support his co-star Sumbul Touqeer Khan. Fahman is about to take Shaleen Bhanot’s class as soon as she comes to the show. TV actress Sumbul Tauqeer was considered to be a powerful contestant of Bigg Boss 16 but the actress started weeping from day one on the show. She had become good friends with TV actor Shaleen but now Shaleen’s closeness with Tina Dutta has increased. And Shaleen and Tina have also expressed love for each other. In such a situation, Sumbul is feeling alone.

Fahman will enter Bigg Boss

Sumbul has got the tag of poor girl in Bigg Boss house. The rest of the contestants of the show are upset with Sumbul’s behavior as she is unable to take a stand for herself. Meanwhile, there is news that his co-star and friend Fahman Khan will enter the Bigg Boss house to support the small screen tamarind.

How will Sumbul’s reaction be?

Fahman Khan will be brought on the show as a wild card entry in Bigg Boss. Although the actor has denied the wild card and has spoken of supporting Sumbul in Bigg Boss. According to the report of India Forum, Fahman Khan will get entry in Bigg Boss show to support the makers Sumbul. Sumbul’s reaction after seeing Fahman will also be worth watching for the audience.

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