Faizan Ansari’s legal notice to Urfi Javed, said – she is doing dirty work, will not let her stay in Mumbai

The fight between Urfi Javed and social media influencer Faizan Ansari over the dress of the actress has now reached the court. Faizan Ansari has issued a legal notice to Urfi Javed accusing her of wearing gaudy clothes, spoiling the atmosphere and hurting the sentiments of a particular community. Faizan Ansari has said that if Urfi Javed wants to live in Mumbai, then his ‘limits and condition’ will have to change, otherwise he will not let him stay here.

Faizan Ansari had threatened Uorfi Javed some time ago, saying that he has complained against the actress to the Maulanas that a fatwa should be issued against her. Also said that after the death of the actress, she will not be given a place to bury her in the cemetery. According to Faizan Ansari, Urfi Javed has defamed Islam and brought shame to the entire community by her dress. Now Faizan Ansari has dragged Urfi Javed to the High Court and sent a notice. Faizan Ansari while talking to the media along with his lawyer on Friday said that if needed, he will also go to the Bombay High Court.

Faizan said – Urfi is a dirty girl, will drag her to the court

Faizan Ansari said, ‘Urfi Javed is a very timid girl. She does anything alone and gives interviews in the media. They do not have the courage to come forward and say anything. I have already said that if you have the courage then come and face Faizan Ansari. She is spoiling the atmosphere of the whole country. Now I am demanding to drag them to the High Court. My fight with Urfi Javed is going on since long. I have given letters in many mosques and graveyards. I have also given letters in Delhi and Mumbai. Now legal action is being taken against Urfi Javed. I am dragging him to the court and am going to give him the letter.

Urfi Javed Gets Legal Notice

‘If it doesn’t change, I will not let you stay in Mumbai’

Faizan Ansari called Urfi Javed a ‘bad girl’ and said that if she did not change her dress and manners, he would not let her live in Mumbai. She further said, ‘She is a very bad girl and is spoiling the atmosphere of entire Mumbai. A police complaint has also been lodged against Urfi. Police officers also want that such an environment should not happen. Now it is impossible for Urfi Javed to escape. They will have to change their limits and condition. The way of wearing clothes has to be changed. Urfi Javed will have to change everything if she wants to stay in Mumbai. Otherwise, I will not let him stay in Mumbai like this.

‘I am earning money by showing my body, even actresses are ashamed’

Faizan Ansari lashed out at Urfi Javed and said, ‘She is doing a very bad job. She is earning money by showing her body. She is doing all this for publicity. Due to this, finger is also being raised on Bollywood actresses and superstars, who have come forward with their talent and hard work. It is a matter of shame for them too that Urfi Javed is earning money by showing her body. If Urfi has talent, then earn money by acting and doing films.

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