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Gautam Vij evicted from ‘Bigg Boss’ house? social media users are celebrating

If people are scared of anything in ‘Bigg Boss’ house, it is Eviction and Salman Khan. The ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ has arrived in ‘Bigg Boss 16’ and the sword of nomination which was hanging over the heads of Gautam Vij, Soundarya Sharma, Shaleen Bhanot and Tina Dutta has come under one’s neck. It is reported that the latest contestant who has been evicted from the house of ‘Bigg Boss 16’ is Gautam Vij.

homeless gautam vij
However, on social media, people’s opinion was more towards Soundarya regarding nominations from Bigg Boss 16. Soundarya, who was involved in the nominations in this show, seemed the weakest in comparison to the rest of the contestants. Now in the new news that has come out, it is being said that Gautam Vij has been evicted and he has become homeless from ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

people vented their anger
Audiences seem very happy to hear the news of Gautam’s eviction on social media. Some users are even saying that it was good, they had nothing but lava lapata. One has said – It is good, anyway he used to sit on Soundarya’s lap the whole day. At the same time, some fans of Gautam have also expressed surprise on this news. However, there is no official information about Gautam being evicted from this show. Recently, in the task related to ration, Gautam Vij brought papaya for the people of his room, on which Archana Gautam narrated a lot.

Karan Johar spoiled Gautam’s game
Talking about the journey of Gautam Vij in this show, he had a good start. While Gautam remained surrounded by the housemates as the captain, his association with Soundarya also helped him a lot in making headlines during the show. However, Gautam’s game deteriorated from there when Karan Johar arrived in place of Salman Khan on Weekend Ka Vaar. Karan Johar clearly said that what he is doing with Soundarya in front of the camera is just a show off. After this, he often started being targeted by the family members and the audience.

their bet backfired
When he was the captain of the house, Gautam gave more importance to his captaincy than the ration for the housemates in the nomination task and after that all the housemates turned against him. His bet backfired and then gradually he started appearing less in front of the camera.

As per reports, Tina Dutta and Gautam were at the bottom of the nominations as they got the least number of votes. Along with this, it was also being said that ‘Utran’ channel face Tina Dutta may stay in the show for some long time. The contestants who are getting the most love from the audience in this show are Priyanka Chaudhary, Abdu Rojik, Shiv Thackeray and Archana Gautam.



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